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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to glue the tire

How to seal the tubeless tire

Modern tubeless tires - very convenient to use.Even if they are punctured wheel is lowered at once, which means the owner is always possible to get to the car service.I would like to say that qualified assistance in this issue - is almost always better than the "crazy hands", but today we will consider all possible situations, including - how to seal the tubeless tire in the field.

Where to start

And if there is confidence that the tire, indeed, pierced?Nobody canceled enemies and bullies, therefore, in the first place is to raise the car on jack and pump up the tire.Twist it, look, look for puncture.If the puncture is detected, and normal pressure is kept on the bus - tighten the valve and keep moving.If possible - visit the tire.

How to glue the tire

How to glue the tire

If puncture has

If the puncture is still detected, you see a screw, which is stuck in the tread - it does not matter.If you have a tubeless tire - are easily accessible to the nearest tire.Of course, this will adversely affect the tire, but the situation needs to be addressed, and this solution is optimal.

in spartan conditions

If shinomontozha to far, and the problem must be solved on the spot, you can help set that should always be in your car - it is an ambulance for tires.

In the simplest set should be:

  • Special needle with an eye
  • spiral awl
  • tows impregnated
  • tube of glue

Immediately it should be noted that for the repair of tires is very sensitive approach and careful.In the direction of the screw try to understand and determine the angle of inclination of the hole in the tire.Once you have determined the angle, remove the screw, and enter into the hole at the same angle awl.Do it carefully, follow the path of least resistance.Sticking out of the hole steel thread - remove.

Take the tourniquet with special impregnation, smear it with glue.Awl enter the wiring in the hole, turn the awl 90% and abruptly pull it out.Harness remains inside the hole in a loop.Do not skimp on the wiring, do everything by the rules.Cut off the end of the plait with scissors, leaving pre-ends in 2-3 mm.

Wait until the glue dries, fill the tire with air to the desired pressure.As soon as possible contact the tire.

How to glue the tire

How to glue the tire

Repair holes in tire side

In our review article is to mention the side holes is damaged tires.They have a place to exist, and as a rule, such damage by virtue of their nature, rather big.In this issue, you can help isklyuchitelno- shinomotazh.If the width of 5mm hole more likely to repair fails even to specialists.In such a case we recommend to use the spare tire.

How to glue the tire

How to glue the tire

Tightening Spray

There is another way out of this situation - tightening a special spray that is quite popular now motorists.It is very effective for small lesions and becomes a simple and reliable solution to your problem.Pour it into the tires at the injury site and inflate the tire.He stretched across the bus, and in the presence of a puncture will fill it that solve your problem.It goes without pre-worth of tires to remove items prokolovshie it.But there are also disadvantages of using such a tool: if you wish to continue to repair a tire in the tire service - be prepared to pay extra for the removal denyuzhku composition.And what he was substandard - the more you will pay for the removal.

How to glue the tire

How to glue the tire

Conclusion: Be careful and attentive, check with the experts and use only high-quality assistants in the fight against punctures tires.