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August 12, 2017 18:08

The framework for the siding - it all depends on the correct mounting !

frame under the siding - general provisions for the installation process

All wooden elements before installation are treated with special antiseptic solutions that will serve as a reliable protection from moisture and various pests.The cross section of wooden strips depends on the thickness of the insulating material, and in most cases of 5x5 cm.

materials used for double width corner portions of the chassis.The only disadvantage of installation of wooden crates - is the complexity of its installation on an uneven surface.Some manufacturers recommend to mount the frame under the siding of waterproof plywood or OSB with thickness up to 2 cm. Also, metal profiles can be used for this purpose.

starting the installation, preceded by a thorough preparation of the walls.In the course of preparatory works were removed old dilapidated paneling, restored sections with blade plaster, dismantle lighting, old shutters, gutters and other parts of the old facade.

frame for siding of wood - work steps

frame device under the siding begins with marking and staking of the walls in the upper corners, which are drilled holes for plugging reinforcement pin length of about 30 cm from its edge is lowered plummet as well.make holes at the bottom of the bottom valve.At the end of pull cords which serve as beacons.

Installation skeleton under the siding is conducted on absolutely smooth, prepared surface, since the plastic panels rather thin and not able to withstand severe loads.How to make a frame for the siding to the inside of the casing is well ventilated?

It's very simple.This requires a small gap left between the moisture barrier and the surface of the panels.Next on the base plate is mounted another crate.Between themselves, they are sewn with special nails with a corrosion-resistant coating, in some cases, use bolts or clamps.

Installation skeleton under the siding - metal base

Now let's look at how to make framework for siding of metal.The metal frame is naturally more expensive than wood, but its reliability and durability is much higher.In addition, the assembly of metal constructions much simpler.

The only drawback of such crates - is its susceptibility to corrosion processes.But today it can be done by purchasing a more expensive material with reliable coating.

Currently commercially available frame structures made of galvanized profile and 1 mm thick.Their reliability is not in doubt, but the price is higher than that of materials from wood.Therefore, most often used for mounting the frame shaped metal used when working with plasterboard.This design perfectly withstand the total weight of siding with insulation.

Profile rack mounted vertically at a distance of 50 cm from each other.In the corners and under the connecting bar using double stranded or profiles.Some experts horizontal angles sheathe short stack.

U-shaped canopies mounted vertically at a distance of 0.5 m from each other.To the concrete surface, they are attached with dowels, and the wooden wall - screws.Sometimes, to compensate for uneven or for laying insulation hangers instead of using the console, which can be made independently of the profiles waste.

frame under ground siding is usually mounted in metal.Installation is carried horizontally, the distance between the parts of the battens should be about 46 cm, which corresponds to the height of panels.Crate for one-siding going vertical webs, which are composed of guides to prevent deflection of the profile under the skin weight.When installing the heater does not require the use of suspensions, fixing is carried out solely on the profiles.