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August 12, 2017 18:06

Frame garage with his hands

in the construction of garages often use simplified technology and lightweight construction.Assign any garage - the protection of the vehicle or other equipment from unauthorized access, small repairs and maintenance, and storage of spare parts, tools and other useful things.With these features copes even capital structure.Frame garage, built with his own hands, will help save a lot of funds for the construction and functionality will not yield major garage of bricks or concrete.

Frame garage with his hands

Frame garage with his hands

features, advantages and disadvantages of the garage frame type

frame garage, built with his own hands, often made of wood.This material is easy to process, affordable and does not weigh down the structure.For the skin, you can use almost any material: wood, vinyl or metal siding, but the most popular by far are corrugated metal sheets or sandwich panels.

The advantages of such a garage include:

  • Easy erection;
  • The ability to perform the work without the involvement of the art;
  • Lightweight yet durable design;No need
  • device buried foundation.

Among the shortcomings should be noted flammability frame material, so it is recommended to sheathe the outside and inside non-combustible material, and to use stone wool insulation, does not support combustion.It is also recommended to soak the wooden frame preservative that prolongs its service life.

base and foundation

Frame garage has a lightweight design, so it does not require the construction of recessed ribbon foundation.However, if there is a need for an observation pit, the foundation can be made with a pit on the same technology as in the construction of the garage of the metal sheets.Below, we consider technology of erection of the frame of the garage on the basis of pre-cast concrete blocks.

  1. Concrete blocks can be bought or cast alone - while their cost is obtained by 40-60% lower.For the independent production of concrete blocks required form, cement, coarse river sand, filler of expanded clay or gravel, water, as well as reinforcing mesh.
  2. form of concrete blocks is a box without a bottom.It can perform a planed board of plywood with a ratio of length and width of 2: 1.Inside the form must be smooth enough to ensure easy removal of the finished unit.The bottom is covered with a polyethylene form table - the form is placed on the table, smeared inside with oil, pour it on the concrete ½ height, stack cut in the size of reinforcing mesh and concrete is poured to the brim.The edges and are aligned concrete pour point, after which the blocks are removed and finally dried in shade for one month.

    Concrete blocks

    Concrete blocks

  3. The pad align, removing debris, roots of trees, fertile soil, and slightly deepened.Sleep area with sand and make markings on the perimeter of the structure.Ready-made blocks are laid in two rows of stitches on ligation with mortar, followed by waiting for the setting solution.
  4. External basement waterproofing mastic asphalt surface in 2-3 layers with drying of the layers, and then make up the sand backfill soil surface.

Ready foundation will carry the entire load of the building, so you need to wait a few days before installing the garage frame.

frame garage

The frame is made of well dried wood.For framework will need:

  • Bruce 10x10 for the main pillars and beams of the ceiling and the floor slab;
  • Board of 40mm to the rafters;
  • board 20 mm lathing and intermediate racks;
  • Flooring thickness of 40 mm.

number of building material depends on the size of the garage and is calculated after the sketch drawing.frame manufacturing technology:

  1. basement waterproofing surface with two layers of roofing material, glued to the asphalt mastic.Waterproofing protects the wooden frame from moisture and rotting.Along the perimeter of the garage put the timber sill, connecting it to the corners by using cuttings and dowels.For this purpose beams 10x10 cm.

    Beam is used as the frame

    beam is used as a frame

  2. On sill set angle and intermediate stands of timber, secured with pegs, further fixing them to the metal corners using screws.The distance between the uprights of not less than 2 meters.Then set the top of the harness timber 10x10 cm. Beam is secured similarly to the bottom.

    The process of assembling the frame for the garage

    assembly process skeleton for a garage

  3. Install intermediate racks from boards of 20 mm at a distance of about 50 cm. The distance between the uprights is convenient to choose the size of insulating mats, then do not have to pack them for extra crate.Between the uprights are fixed horizontal jumpers, again focusing on the height of the insulation.Ties are fixed using screws and parts.

    Ready frame

    Ready frame

  4. rafter system for roof made of boards 40 mm, pitch of rafters from 0.5 to 1 meter, depending on the snow load in the region.On the top bar strapping fastened with the help of pegs floor beams of the board 40 mm, it is attached to the rafters at an angle to each other.Reinforce via rafters and braces puffs, depending on the dimensions of the roof.

    Rafter system garage roof

    garage roof Rafter system

  5. laid on the rafters gidroparoizolyatsionnuyu film, for example, Izospan.the film is attached on top of the crate board 20 mm along the ridge on both slopes, move crates - 0.5 meters.
  6. Floor Covering is made of planks of 40 mm, they are placed on the bottom plate.The floors are made of floor board laid on the floor slab.Woodwork is made of a bar 10x10 cm, fastened together by dowels and reinforcing an additional metal corners.Length provide additional stiffness transverse screed operate the gate.Ready frame garage covered with antiseptic in two layers, after which you can begin to trim.

Boarding, metal sheets and insulation garage garage

Choice of metal sheets for covering the garage has a lot of advantages: metal coatings Fire, vetroneproduvaemy, have high strength and durability.Metal profiles are fixed to the frame by means of special screws.They have a hex head, and the sealing washer are of different lengths and colors.For walls, choose wall metal profile brand C or SS, and for the roof - brand PC or N.

Variety of metal sheets for covering the garage

Varieties of metal sheets for covering the garage

  1. Begin lining the walls.Sheet metal profile applied to one of the corner posts, aligns it to the plumb line and fixed with screws to the bottom of the wave.Next put a sheet overlapping on the same wavelength and fixed with screws both sheets together.A total of 1 square meter of skin must be 4-5 screws.Gates sheathe the same walling metal sheets.
  2. If necessary, cut the metal profile in size with scissors or jigsaw for metal.It is not recommended to cut it Bulgarian, as this burns polymer coating and metal corrosion resistance is significantly reduced.
  3. Before coating laid on the roof, you need to install wind braces.Metal profiles stack on the roof on the leeward side, securing it with the wind bars to the crate.The ridge of metal is attached after laying the sheets so that the screw enters the upper wave.
  4. Warming garage perform as desired.For this purpose, rock wool, formed into a mat.The mats are placed between the uprights, pre-mounted on the wall windproof film.Fix the mats sheet set from the board or just sheathe sheet iron.
  5. Instead of metal sheets and insulation can be used for the construction of the garage finished sandwich panels, which are prefabricated with an external profilirovannnym coating, insulation mats and smooth internal metal sheet.
A sample of the sandwich panels

sample sandwich panel

Frame garage can also be performed from the metal corner, covered floorings.This garage is heavier and requires the use of the welding machine, but it is safer in a fire plan.However, if the garage is planned repair and welding work, garage of corrugated metal frame is more reliable.