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August 12, 2017 18:06

The standard setup of lifting garage doors with their hands

The standard setup of lifting garage doors with their hands

Mounting lifting garage doors with their hands - it is an opportunity to save not only money that you would have spent on the purchase of the factory model, but also space, becausethis type of structure in the form of an open takes place little more than closed.

lifting garage doors - not the cheapest fun, if ordered their production professionals.

The price affects the size of the structure, but even the smallest garage price will be high.

But, if you make them with your hands, it will come much cheaper, with all the major design features remain: it is durable, safe from burglary and fire, and will help keep the heat in the room.

From the article, you'll learn how to make a garage door by hand.This will help you a video and photo work stages - with their help, your design will come out no worse than those made by professionals.

most important thing is that you know how to work with metal, becauseThis is the main job.


  • Types and gate device
  • Create design
    • Choice design
    • Stages

types and device gate

Homemade gates, as well as the factory, can betwo types.

first type - lifting-sectional design.They consist of a plurality of interconnected panels that look like a single fabric.

size panels of about one and a half meters, they form a section, and therefore called the sectional.How do they look, you can see in the photo.


When opening sectional doors fold under the ceiling, and when you open - unfold and form a continuous web.

Sectional panels made of steel, wood or plastic, and is filled from the inside insulation - usually polyurethane foam, which helps to keep the room warm.

Sectional gates connected hinges that hold the panel.They are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which significantly prolongs the structure.

Such gates are simple and easy to use, but they have two major drawbacks: they are not sufficiently strong, and therefore can be hacked, and installing them with their hands is difficult - you need to be a professional and have the special equipment.

If you still decide to put sectional doors in his garage, then to save, you can buy ready-made design, and install it yourself.

up-and-garage doors - the second type of system devices.

They are equipped with a continuous flap, which does not collapse, but simply rises when the gates open.Leads leaf in motion a special hinge-lever mechanism.

This type of gate is much more durable than the sectional, and therefore is able to reliably protect the garage burglary.

Such gates a little less comfortable than the sectional, but have significant advantages: they open noiselessly, ascontain no hinges and rollers will cost you less than the sectional models, and finally to make such a system with your hands is quite simple, and it does not require large financial costs.

gate device with a rotary-lifting mechanism consists of three elements: a box, lift the flap, the mechanism to open it.Woodwork made of beams (which may be made of steel or wood) and is mounted in the opening.

In the box you want to insert the guide profiles - they are necessary to the gate can be raised and lowered, driven by the opening mechanism.


design is nothing particularly complicated, see photos tilt-lift gates to verify this.Below it will be given instructions for their assembly.

Read it and watch the video, and then you can make high-quality and durable garage door yourself.

Create design

Most importantly, when you take for creating gates for the garage - it is to choose the opening mechanism, which will lead them into action.They can be of two types.

design Choosing

first type - joint-single control design.This is the most popular model of the automatic system.The device structure is very simple - you can see this by looking photos, besides, he is protected by the sudden blocking shield.

The main difficulty is to install - it must be accurate to the guide profiles are installed vertically and parallel to each other, and are configured correctly spring.

If the mechanism is not installed correctly, it is likely that the board gets stuck, and the system can not perform its function.

Another option mechanism - setting device using a counterweight.

With this type of structure, the rope fixed to the bottom corners of the frame of the mechanism is passed through the block and ends on the pulley winch, installed at the end of which the counterweight.

size and weight of the counterweight depends on the weight of the shield of the structure itself.

If you choose this type of mechanism, you must take into account that the frame and the frame will have a greater load.

better to install such a system only if you need large powerful gates and garage space with a standard size, it is better to use the first type of mechanism.

next step after selecting mechanism - drawings.To make them, you need to measure the doorway and on the basis of the size to draw a sketch of a future construction.

Plans will help you not only to see how the model will look like the goal, but also to understand how much material you will need to install them, and how much money will have to spend on it.


to create the input design you will need the following items:

  • wooden beams (section size: 12x8 to 10x10 boxes and ceiling);
  • pins of metal;
  • corners (cross section 40h40h4 on rails, 3.5h3.5h0.4 the frame);
  • trough bracket (8h4.3h0.5);
  • spring (diameter 3 cm);
  • metal rod (diameter 8 mm);
  • material itself, from which the design will be made.

better to use a ready-made standard size, asit is suitable for almost all garage buildings.

Please enjoy a collection box: you need two vertical and one transverse beam, and connect them with steel plates and angles.The bottom box should be recessed by 2 cm in the floor screed.

The resulting structure needs to be fixed in the opening using steel pins.

Then you need to connect the elements of the frame webs, after assembly it is necessary to sheathe shield and covered with sheet iron from the outside.

Now you need support for the mechanism - it can be done from the corner of his hands.For this, one needs to make shelf hole with which the structure will be attached to the posts, and the other - the three holes where the spring bracket to be inserted.

spring supports are made of channel iron bracket to secure it you need to make 3 holes in each shelf.More manufacturing scheme, see photos - it will help you get it right.


To make the plate for adjustment, you will need an iron bar, which must be connected with the spring bracket.Pre-bend spring coils, which are on the edges and having the form of hooks.

In the bottom of the structure is necessary to fix the voltage regulator - to create it using rods.
To make the angle to the bottom, you'll need a corner, where you want to make a hole, the size of which is 8.5 mm.

Then you need to connect the area to the frame by welding, making the indentation from the edge to the middle of the bottom of the hole - it is necessary to be able to mount lever mechanism.

After installation, at the end of the lever welded plate on which is mounted a pressure regulator.
to the gate could move, you need the rails - they are made of welded corners on the edges, leaving a distance of 5 cm between the top part.

then finished rail must be attached to the plate to between its axis and the lower edge of the gap was 8 cm. On the other hand on the rail fixed channel, departing 12-15 cm.

When you start to install the gate, more importantly, what should bepay attention to the guide correctly positioned: vertically.

most complex work on this end.If you want to garage with lots of light, it can be inserted into the door leaf elements of transparent material.


It would be good if you also provide to the canvas rubber surround and compensating plates - they make the structure more stable.

To protect against corrosion, we recommend to use a standard antiseptic or impregnation intended for metal.

Manufacture of garage doors - not such a simple matter, but with the help of videos and instructions you will be able to handle them with your hands.

If you are not confident in their abilities, you can order a ready-sectional or rotary gate.

Independent installation will significantly reduce the cost and also help you to save money, though less than in the construction of the whole structure with his own hands.