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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sharko shower : indications and contraindications for weight loss

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Sharko shower
  • Medicinal properties
  • How is the procedure
  • Indications
  • Getting rid of cellulite and obesity
  • Contraindications
  • Reviews
  • convalescence at home

Sharko shower is a variant of massagein which a jet of water is used.Now procedure of Sharko shower, which in the past has been a very popular remedy, more interested in those who want to make a beautiful and slim figure.So shower often interested in postpartum women who want to bring the body to the desired form.

Medicinal properties

This shower is the intensification of work and the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The result will be an improvement of metabolic processes, as well as improved nutrition of skin cells.And because power shower is very popular, and for the treatment and for the prevention of cellulite.The body is massaged with water at a temperature and pressure changes.Effect of contrasting effects of water has long been known.It improves skin tone and helps to cope with the excess adipose tissue.And in the soul of Charcot procedure is complemented by strong water impact massaging action of the water jet.And it is not surprising that the result of the procedure is simply stunning.

This type of people recommended to the soul, whose sedentary work.It helps remove the stress the spine and back muscles, activate blood circulation and eliminate the headaches that occur due to lack of oxygen and fatigue.

Application Sharko shower

Professional athletes after workouts spend a shower for better muscle relaxation. If you just go to a fitness club, you can also take a power shower after class.Two to three treatments per week, and you will not only improve health, but also to improve its efficiency.

treatment improves the condition of the skin, adding to her taut and toned. Cosmetologists often recommend this kind of soul for the purpose of weight loss, as well as to correct the appearance of cellulite.The best way to cope with these tasks contrast version of the soul.

How is the procedure

classical procedure of the soul looks like: patient is standing against a wall and take up arms handrails, and the provider, sending him a stream of water, massages the different areas of the body.Now spa complex procedure a bit modernized, but the essence remained the same.Nowadays, power shower is also available in the offices of hydrotherapy, beauty salons, fitness centers and spas.

as a preventive procedure, the shower can be carried in the cabin, but the treatment is better to turn to a place where versed in hydrotherapy as it can accurately determine what intensity and duration of Charcot's soul must be for a specific person.

Even if such souls will serve as a cosmetic procedure, before the first session is to visit a doctor to determine whether you are for some contraindications.

Sharko shower - work scheme

water temperature, which operate power shower, may be in the range of +20 to +40 degrees, although the range is more. Directional jet acts on a limited area of ​​release from a distance of about 3 meters. body enveloped fan jet, after which the water is directed to a specific area - the abdomen, arms, buttocks, legs and other.With increasing pressure the water temperature decreases.Since the skin acts and water pressure, and the temperature difference, the procedure causes its redness.

first procedure Sharko shower held for long.First, sufficient and 1 minute of the soul, but with time duration is adjusted to 5 minutes or longer.Shower Charcot usually prescribe courses of 10 sessions.Most often, the course includes 15-20 sessions.

If the shower is held to combat cellulite, then sign up for one procedure and if all goes well, then do the whole course.Between courses Sharko shower is recommended to make a break for six months.

perform the procedure should an expert to monitor the patient's condition and the correctness of the procedure. Modern installations for Charcot shower allows you to set the desired parameters in advance.

That normally does the procedure, look at the video.


Shower Charcot successfully used in solving many problems.Consider the major ones.

nervous system

Very often prescribe power shower in case of problems with the nervous system. This procedure helps with neurosis, chronic fatigue, compulsions, depression, neurasthenia and other pathologies.At first glance, it seems that a shower with high pressure and nervous disorders are not related, but acupressure jets of water on the skin toned up the nervous system.However, this also means that at the diseases, when the nervous system is excited, for example, psychoses, progressive, power shower contraindicated.

Sharko shower in a sanatorium

Hardening, problems of the musculoskeletal system

Also, this type of shower is recommended as treatments for hardening and to recover from injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

In this case, the power shower is to appoint a doctor, because under certain water pressure injuries only worsen the condition.

procedure is indicated for muscle atrophy, arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthritis.And of course, it is better not to wait for their appearance, and use the shower as a preventive measure.

Getting rid of cellulite and obesity

Sharko shower can be administered as a factor in the integrated effects of cellulite and obesity.

Duration body jet water treatment, and the temperature must appoint a physician, because for the correct choice must take into account and the condition of the body, and the amount of excess weight.

When the jet of water affects the body, metabolic processes, as well as lymph and blood flow is activated.As a consequence of the impact of such a soul, reduces tissue swelling, the body of toxins and excess fluid, and body fat "broken."This procedure also stimulates the regeneration of cells, which contributes rejuvenation.

important to remember that the procedure itself is the soul of Charcot does not help to forget about cellulite and excess body fat.

This is only part of the complex effects, which also includes the power correction and regular physical activity.Often, power shower appointed not one, but in conjunction with procedures such as massages, body wraps, therapeutic baths and others.

Shower Charcot - equipment
Sharko shower for weight loss
The specialist conducts the procedure of Sharko shower


Although the procedure of this kind of soul benefits, it also has some contraindications:

  • low body weight, after allshower leaves the skin microtrauma and bruising;
  • skin diseases;
  • varices;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • fever;
  • bleeding tendency;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • various tumors.


Everyone who prescribe power shower, interested in how the procedure is painful, because in many reviews mention the pain and bruises.However, if you need a good and long-term effect of such a soul, will have to be patient.

True, water is emitted from a special nozzle under considerable pressure and its effect on the skin quite unpleasant.Many say pain during the procedure and afterwards. But if the result is beauty, for the sake of this is to suffer.

Note that subsequent sessions less painful than the first.Women need to know that the pain threshold affects their monthly cycle - on different days of painful procedures is perceived differently.

Most often bruising after Charcot's soul appear in fair-skinned women, but it is possible their appearance and in women who have dark skin.And because the course of the soul should not be held just before the holidays, after sunbathing, when the bruises on the body, and harmful, and the ugly.

Sharko shower Procedure

convalescence at home

Not everyone can go to a sanatorium or regular access to the spa, but that does not mean that we should forget about the possibility of using the soul of Charcot.Yes, the procedure in the home is not the same as the original shower. power and strength of the jet will be much less, but the special nozzle for a normal shower, too, will have a significant impact.

This nozzle is attached to the place of usual shower.There are tips that can provide water pressure to 6 atmospheres, which is quite suitable for body massage.

Shower with such attachment will be a great contrast and toning hygienic measures in the morning.It helps to hold water massage the whole body, to enhance the flow of blood.For these purposes the home power shower is fine.For best effect, use douches.

But remember that spending a shower with a maximum head of the house is not recommended, because you need to understand the peculiarities of the whirlpool. If you do not take into account the contraindications and do not know the nuances of the procedure, the home shower under high pressure may even do harm.

reduce water pressure, you can easily perform a douche Charcot home, but also the effect of the procedure will be different from the one that appears when you hold in specialized institutions.

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