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August 12, 2017 18:07

A set of ceramic knives : a profitable purchase for the kitchen

perennial problem of all housewives, spending most of their time in the kitchen, is blunt knives.In such cases, often say that the house is not the owner. But now this problem is solved!Suffice it to buy a set of ceramic knives , once and for all forget about a blunt knives in the house.

Yes, have to spend money once, but we all know that high-quality cookware, crockery and kitchen utensils can not be cheap.But the effect of the use of such blades to be retained for a long time.

You might ask, why buy a whole set of ceramic knives , may be possible to manage with only one knife?But here, the answer lies on the surface.You will be able to work in the kitchen with only one knife?Doubt.Here's what it is.

The standard kit includes, as a rule, from 3 to 6 different knives, there is a universal knife, chef and knife for cutting bread, meat, vegetables, fillet, cheese.Typically, such kits are equipped with a separate stand.A set of ceramic knives on a stand not only keep all knives handy and efficient use of the kitchen work area, but also protects them from bluntness.After coming into contact with metal objects, ceramic knives lose their properties.

A set of ceramic knives photo

set of ceramic knives photo

set of ceramic knives on a stand

set of ceramic knives on a stand

If you have not seen the end of the need to have the farm ceramic knife, then here are a couple of facts that you might be interested.Ceramic knives are made of zirconium oxide, which is harder than a diamond.Hence we conclude that they are several times stronger and sharper than steel knives, and high durability have when properly handled.

In addition, kitchen ceramic knives environmentally friendly and hygienic.First, they are made from environmentally friendly materials.Secondly, these blades do not rust, are not oxidized in contact with food and spoil the taste of the products.That is why they are recommended by experts for the preparation of children's meals.

ceramic kitchen knives

Ceramic knives kitchen

Ceramic knives Kitchen

Ceramic knives Kitchen Photo

Choosing ceramic knife

Here we smoothly and quietly crept to the main question - how to choose a ceramic knife?First you need to decide on his destination.What are you going to cut it with a knife: bread, meat, fish, vegetables, cheese?Indeed, as mentioned above, each blade is responsible for its function.If you can not buy a universal set, then simply define the terms of its tasks that often you have to cut it - this is the knife and buy.

Ceramic Knife - How to Choose

Ceramic Knife - how to choose

Another factor, which should pay attention to the color of the blade.On sale is a knife with a black and white ceramics.Here, not only the difference in color, but in the blade hardness.Black knives in the production time is longer in the furnace, which increases their hardness.It is therefore considered that the black ceramic knives are more durable.

Next you need to look at the cost of knives and manufacturers.Currently prestigious to have in the house of the Japanese ceramic knives promoted brands, but their value is large enough for many people.The cheaper model, but also high-quality, made in Europe or the joint Chinese-Russian factories.

most famous manufacturers of ceramic knives: Austrian company Bergner and Vohmann, Japanese firms Samura, Kyocera, Kenji Knife, German firm Mayer & amp; Boch, Austrian firm Kelli.But it should be noted that the majority of Western companies in the production of ceramic knives have their branches in China, so do not be surprised if you read on the package promoted brand country of origin - China.

A set of ceramic knives Bergner

set of ceramic knives Bergner

Ceramic knives Kenji Knife

Ceramic knives Kenji Knife

Ceramic Knives Kenji Knife

Ceramic Knives Kenji Knife

A set of ceramic knives Bohmann

set of ceramic knives Vohmann

Traditionally considered the best ceramic knives Japanese knives.But the network spreads the opinion that all the "brain" of the production of zirconia ceramics is not in Japan but in neighboring China.To believe this statement or not - your choice, but that's authentic Japanese knives are 2-2.5 times more expensive manufactured in China.Is it worth it in this case to pay more - up to you.

Terms of Use ceramic knives

First of all, it should be noted that zirconium ceramics are easily damaged.Ceramic knives should be in every way to protect against shocks to avoid cracks and chipped.These knives can not be:

  • drop to the floor;
  • dramatically throwing on the table or in the kitchen sink;
  • dishwasher safe (if still without the washer can not do, use cases for the blade);
  • cut them (only made of wood, you can use chopping boards, silicone and plastic) on a glass board or in a pot;
  • cut hard objects, includingtrying to cut the meat bone or cut frozen food;
  • try to use it as a scraper or openers.

All for the same reason (to prevent chipping) ceramic knives need to store in the stands or in the covers.

also separately need to focus on sharpening ceramic knives.Such knives have little need for grinding, but only if they were used correctly.But if it's time to sharpen a knife, the best is a matter to entrust to professionals who know how to prevent damage to zirconium ceramics - sharpening must be done at a certain angle and slowly.But if you do decide to sharpen a knife at home, then purchase a special sharpener for ceramic knives, which can be used not only to make the blade sharp, but also to remove small chips.In such sharpener has a diamond abrasive, diamond as a more sturdy than zirconia ceramics.

Sharpening ceramic knives

sharpening ceramic knives

Sharpener for ceramic knives

sharpener for ceramic knives

Where can I buy ceramic knives

With all the advantages of ceramic knives, we figured out, one question remains - where to buy ceramic knives?Basically, if you're a fan of online shopping, then come to the aid of specialized online shops selling knives.The knives are offline you can buy in stores that sell cookware and kitchen accessories.

In conclusion I would like to say that the ceramic knife sets displace recently with steel kitchens.But this is not surprising, in performance ceramic devices in the order ahead of steel, the main thing - you need to learn how to use them!

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