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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a plot of land - cover all aspects

site selection under construction - legal aspects

To did not happen, you should know some basic provisions, how to choose a plot of land.And not just a piece of land for gardening adventures, and how to choose a site for the construction of the house, because it is imperative that his appointment was for housing individual building - only in this case you no hassle guarantee registration in the house.

The first thing you should make sure whether your potential acquisition boundaries are defined, ieWhether surveying procedure is passed.Usually it is done by the seller, he is obliged to provide ready-to-purchase goods.At the same time, make sure that the topographic and cadastral plans, after the commission of the act of sale, they remain in your hands.

is imperative that the site has been registered in the state registration bodies as an object property or long-term lease.In no case is not made out a deal with non-compliance with this condition.Ask the seller to purchase registered in your own name, otherwise you do not buy the land itself, but only the right and turn to its privatization.

Ask also an extract from the Unified State Register State Register that the plot is not arrested and is not incorporated.There's also make sure that it is not imposed easement - a right of passage or transit through it.And finally, you get a confirmation of the fact that the site is free of tax debt.

Now the legal aspects done, can only underline once again the crucial importance of the moment when the selection is carried out land for construction.Precisely because of this importance it is strongly recommended that all transactions are made in the presence of a lawyer invited by you.

Choosing a plot for building - check the soil

However, site selection under construction does not end there.Equally important aspects of surveying , which in future will have a direct impact on the comfort of living in a house built.The type and design of the building foundation is determined (except for the parameters of the structure), but also the types of soil in the area.Water level can be determined by making a pair of shallow wells Hand drill.

If after about an hour they would be the water, can not do without the provision of drainage systems.The presence of strong spring floods, flooding the basement, you can ask the neighbors.But it should be noted that even with all the negative responses is not a reason to give up the pleasant land.Without the underground garage and the basement is possible to do by ordering the appropriate project or changing old.

How to choose a plot of land - and the nature of communication

The choice of land for construction can affect the availability of water and gas supply systems, sewage systems, the selected amount of electric power, construction of access roads and the availability of public transport, schools and shops distance, the surrounding landscape and ecology of the environment.And if the utilities, it would seem, everything is clear, the more difficult is the case with the surrounding nature.

course, looks amazing from the window of a house located in a pair of tens of meters pine forest, but with such a choice must be prepared for the fact that the crops in gardens and flower beds will be regularly subjected to attacks of forest visitors, and mosquitoes from the nearby lake will cause yourlack of sleep.Finally, a direct threat to the health section can be located on the former landfill or near industrial plants.