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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for the production of pellets for pellet

for firing wood stoves and fireplaces, as well as solid fuel boilers in recent years, is used not only wood but also extruded pellets or briquettes from wood waste - pellets.Unlike the burning of wood, inflicting harm to the environment, the use of pellets solves the problem of waste sawdust, wood chips, wood bark, and provides a highly efficient and environmentally friendly fuel.

Pellets with their hands

Pellets with their hands

industrial briquettes have a low residual moisture, a well-ignite, long-term support combustion and does not cause the appearance of smoke, soot and carbon black, which is especially useful when the furnace chimney.However, their price is comparable to the cost of dry birch firewood.Therefore, the presence of large amounts of waste wood it is advisable to do the installation for the production of pellets by hand.

Equipment for the production of pellets

Pellets are made from sawdust, wood chips, bark and waste from agricultural activities - cake, husk, straw.Raw material pre-crushed to a particle size of 3-5 cm, is dried in a dryer to a moisture content of 15%, then placed in a crusher for fine crushing.The resulting mass fraction with size of 2 mm is charged into the press, where the raw material is compressed.At the exit of the press the pellets are obtained with a moisture content of not more than 12%, the grain size depends on the hardware design.The granules are collected in bags, sealed and used for the firing and firing furnaces and boilers.

Thus, for the independent production of pellets will need this equipment:

  1. crusher or shredder wood.If the raw materials you plan to use sawdust or husk, the production stage can be skipped.To use scrap lumber, branches, bark, board substandard fragmentation is a mandatory step.
  2. for raw materials or dryer drum aerodynamic type.The dryer can be made with his own hands from the metal drum.
  3. crusher for fine crushing, in which the grinding of raw materials to the large state filings.
  4. Press pellets or pelletizer with a flat or cylindrical matrix.Application granulator eliminates fine crushing of raw material, as it occurs simultaneously grinding and compacting the granules.

most rational way out for the home production of pellets can be considered the use of the granulator with a flat matrix type - this type of equipment can make their own hands, without having to buy expensive accessories.Crusher and Crusher in this case, you do not need, and the need to depend on the raw material humidity in the drying chamber.

to raw materials

Requirements As mentioned, the main parameter that affects the quality of poluchaemyhpellet - a moisture content of raw materials.To produce granules, good shape retention and burning need shredded wood with a moisture content of 12-15%.To achieve this humidity can be in two ways: use sawdust and wood chips from wood or dried raw finally dried in a tumble dryer.

from waste wood chips are the most popular conifers - thanks to the high content of lignin and resin, pelletizing is faster and finished pellets keep their shape better.The raw materials must not contain large inclusions, foreign objects, metal parts.For this purpose, it is necessary not only dry, but also sieved.

design granulator for

pellets granulator - a container installed inside the flat or cylindrical matrix.The cylindrical matrix - a perforated drum within which the rollers rotate.Compacted mass is pressed using a roller compactors channels - the holes in the drum, and pressing the granules and after their exit from the outside is cut with knives.

granulator scheme for pellets

scheme granulator for

pellets granulator flat die operates on the same principle, but the matrix there is a perforated disk, rigidly mounted on the shaft.By rotating rollers of the matrix raw similarly compressed and press it into the hole in the disk.Presses channels have a shape tapering toward the exit cone, which allows to compact pellets.The diameter of the holes is typically less than 8.10 mm.

To set the compressed pellet can take ready-made matrix and rollers - they are sold as spare parts for manufacturers of pellet feed, and can be made independently of the sheet metal thickness of not less than 20 mm, and suitable gear attached to the shaft.

drive for the granulator is usually a motor capacity of not less than 15 kW, and the gearbox.Matrix speed should be in the range of 60-100 rpm.A shaft on which is fixed a flat matrix can be oriented both vertically and horizontally, thus it is necessary to provide the capacity for loading and unloading of the finished feed pellets.

Video - granulator for the production of pellets

technology manufacturing granulator

  1. Manufacturing matrix.If you decide to produce their own matrix, you will need a blank disc is not less than 20 mm thick.When thinner matrix rapidly deformed.The diameter of the matrix may be any, performance depends on it.Thus, at a diameter of 50 mm and 25-30 kw engine may be obtained quite 300-350 kg per hour of pellets.For smaller volumes sufficient matrix 25-30 cm in diameter.In the center of the disc drill a hole the diameter of the shaft gear and operate slot for a hard landing.Holes for pressing and release pellets is in the form of a cone.

    Matrix for the granulator

    Matrix for granulator

  2. gears or rollers Roller selected so that they correspond to the width of the working area of ​​the matrix.Put on the pinion shaft, which is subsequently attached perpendicular to the axis of the output shaft gear via the clutch.

    Gears Roller

    Gears Roller

  3. The size of the matrix are sealed cylindrical body of the pellet pipe or sheet metal.The housing consists of two parts: an upper feed charged, and after passing through a system of rollers and dies finished granules into the lower portion of the housing, where at poured into the prepared pan emkost.Matritsa should freely rotate within the upper part of the housing, the gap should be minimal.In the lower part of the body made an opening for exit gotovyhpellet, it is welded to the tray out of the tube or sheet metal.

    Housing for the granulator

    housing granulator

  4. gearbox output shaft is secured at the bottom of the granulator housing via the coupling and bearings.

    gearbox output shaft

    gearbox output shaft

  5. For ease of cleaning and maintenance of the upper and lower part of the body perform a detachable connection to the welded bolts through lugs.Install matrix and rollers in the body.

    Fasten the top and bottom of the granulator for bolts pellets

    Fasten top and bottom of the granulator pellet bolts

  6. Granulator mounted on the frame, welded from the corner or channel, rigidly fixed on it.Krepjat motor and its output shaft is connected to the gearbox.

    Set the pelletizer on the frame welded of channel

    Set granulator welded to the frame of channel

  7. Rama and all the details on the outside of the granulator stained paint on metal.Turn on the engine in the power and perform a trial run.
    The manufacturing process of the pellets through a pelletizer

    process of making pellets through a pelletizer

granulator flat type matrix for the production of pellets made with his own hands, is able to solve the problem of heating the home area to 150 square meters.The resulting granules can be used for combustion in a furnace or hearth, and for solid fuel boilers.In this case you do not have to worry about disposing of wood waste and agricultural raw materials.