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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to sell a plot of land with a house without any problems

conduct an independent evaluation of the land

assure you this is no joke, and it is available for any summer resident or a member of the gardening association marketing ploy.Do you want to sell the land quickly, this section can not read.For other smart owners of land a few simple, everyday advice.

  1. really appreciate the attractiveness of the area, where the land is held for sale.Distance from the city, the blessings of civilization in the form of shops and access roads (do not forget that sometimes people have to throw the car and look for the nearest train station).
  2. Include the potential cost of land availability of all communications and utilities (electricity, gas, water supply, drainage, etc.) As to sell such a tasty morsel will be much easier.
  3. Walk to your gardening, suburban towns and tear of ads land.For what?Just call and find out the prices of competitors.The average price per hundred square meters and will be the starting price of the lot to your future trades.
  4. most extensive citizens can contact the real estate agency for advice if they want to sell the land with a house or make the deal quickly, but that's another story.Assess the financial losses from the purchase of such acts - we will not sell for reasons of correctness, but a certain amount at such speed you lose transactions.

Which land can be sold

answer is obvious at first glance: a.But for a piece of land has become a commodity, it is necessary to go through several mandatory procedures:

  • acquainted with the work of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography, which ultimately give you the coveted cadastral passport to the notorious 15 acres;
  • truth, to explore Rosreestra have to go to a nice company (a lot of them), which is engaged in surveying, measuring and drawing up a plan of the land plot;
  • visit ten times the district administration, more precisely, the municipal committee on land use, receiving and issuing documents for all the land in the county.

Currently, documents of title, which you can sell the land, there are several:

  1. certificate of ownership issued by the Registration Chamber under Article 37 of the RF Land Code.The argument of the iron, the owner of such a mandate is trustworthy and can sell the house, the garden, the site and the bar in the mortar, which is settled in his garden.
  2. Certificate district committees on land use and land management.According to the law on dacha amnesty for such papers are subject to mandatory re-registration, but often similar burden falls on the new owners.
  3. Country variant: the decision of local authorities, village councils and other fine heritage of the Soviet era.Transactions in such allotments can be attributed to the risk zone, but the system works so far.Inheritance, donation, assignment of rights.

Therefore, the question posed in the title of this section, we will respond evasively: in Russia you can sell any land, even the island of Sakhalin, and how quickly formalize such an agreement known only favorites.

scheme of registration and transfer of ownership rights

How to sell anything, including the land with the house, everyone knows: show extols the goods, take the money and teak.Therefore, we give some advice to potential buyers.Ask the seller to spend more labor-intensive activities, and then prepare and provide some documentary evidence of such work:

  • surveying the area, carried out by specialized organizations, harmonization of border with its neighbors;next to them have to live side by side and you;
  • agreed protocol, approved by the head of the local settlement, chairman of the horticultural association or other authorized person who will take responsibility for land acquisition;
  • certificate of ownership of the sold territory, technical passport BTI for all buildings located on it;
  • contract - the sale: how to sell the house and legally right to sell land with a country house should decide professionals or people who have passed these tests.

Our good advice: if you have your own land, not sell it, and dissolve the cherry orchard.The grandchildren will appreciate.