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August 12, 2017 18:05

What should be the viewing hole in garage : optimal size

size - viewing - pit - garage an inspection pit in his garage justified if the car owner himself watching his car, referring to specialists only in extreme cases.The technology of its equipment may be different as all these buildings vary in size, the presence (or absence) of the cellar, and so on.Finish floor and walls - to the discretion of the owner.

But there are some general principles of construction of such "technology trenches', compliance with which will improve the quality of care for the equipment and level of convenience in carrying out those or other routine operations.Of course, the main parameter, which must be determined - is the optimal size of the viewing hole.


device - observation - hole It is freely selectable and is limited only to the size of the garage.It should be remembered that all the same pit should be longer than the car (at least 0.5 m on each side).This will make more gentle (step) descent and make a thorough inspection of the car at both the front and rear without further reshuffle.

Construction of steps from a practical point of view, rather than setting the ladder into the pit, as it is more convenient for him to move tools, spare parts and the like.

Depth This parameter is determined based on the convenience of car owners in the repair or maintenance of the machine.It is believed that this is achieved through the ability to freely raise their hands.Optimal is a depth exceeding height of about 15 cm. In this case, the count should be carried out not from the bottom of the trench and on the catwalk (floor), if they close the bottom of the trench.



First of all, it is necessary to consider the future.It is possible that later the owner wants to buy a new car, with a wider track.At the same time it is taken into account and the size of the vehicle owner.Too narrow hole will create a lot of inconvenience, and will not allow to fully carry out maintenance or repair of the vehicle.On average, its structure must be guided by the width of the order of 0.8 m.

is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the soil.If the ground is fragile, easily crumble, then it is advisable to concrete walls or close brickwork.


most optimal parameters viewing hole for 1 car are considered:

  • length - within 5 meters
  • width - 0.8 m
  • depth - from 1.8 to 2 m

...Practical advice

circuit viewing hole

is necessary to take into account the possibility of flooding of the pit.Therefore appropriate measures are taken - waterproofing bottom with its additional concreting.This is also necessary in order to prevent leakage of fluid from the well into the cellar.

It is advisable to arrange and drainage canal, but this - "pleasure" of expensive, since practically it is difficult to implement.

If the size of a garage large, it is advisable to divide the whole of its area into zones - separate inspection pit and the place setting cars.Then evaporation will not fall on his head.

order to avoid increasing the level of humidity in the garage, unused currently viewing hole must be kept closed (boards, planks, sheeting, etc.).

The observation hole is fairly intense condensation of moisture.To the bottom of the car is subjected to increased corrosion, it is necessary to consider the quality of the garage ventilation.