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August 12, 2017 18:05

Full instructions for the production of wood-concrete blocks with his hands

Wood-concrete blocks , very light It's quite an interesting building material, which is known more for such "popular" names like "drevobeton" and "opilkobeton".It is already becoming clear that part of the mixture is prepared.Arbolit is not just another "breakthrough" technology, as known a long time and due to certain historical circumstances, has been in our country undeservedly forgotten.Although the practical application of proven high efficiency of wood-concrete building blocks.

Suffice it to say that before perestroika there were a number of enterprises, which is engaged in production of this variety of the stone wall.But later some of them were reorientated, some sold, some still stand abandoned in utter ruin.

Before considering technology independent production units of arbolita, is to find out, and whether it is advisable to do this?After all, the sale is a huge range of building materials, a more "friendly" and familiar.To make it more clear benefit of these products, we point out that they are made on the basis of wood, cement and polymers.

The main advantages of the product


First , sharply reduced the number of rejected products, since the risk of damage when transported to the site and during the installation work is reduced to a minimum.These substantial savings can be achieved.

Secondly , implies a high resistance to deformation, including and in bending.This makes it possible to erect structures on the "problem" soils, less "powerful" foundations, which significantly reduces the cost of construction.Even in the case of large ground movements or the occurrence of other causes of the appearance of cracks in the ground, the walls of arbolita "resist."

Best Performance

  • Blotskaya use of this material in many cases not to use additional means of insulation, and in the case of such a layer arrangement to save on "heat insulator".Arbolit heat hardly conducts.
  • The same goes for the sound.Therefore, these buildings are different soundproof quality.In this regard, they are several times more bricks (5 times) or, for example, timber (7).
  • water almost does not absorb, and cellular structure (and large) ensures reliable ventilation.
  • Arbolit considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials.
  • He easily processed securely holds fasteners (screws, dowels), which is not true, for example, aerated concrete.


  • independent manufacturing and installation is possible with his hands to cook a variety of building materials.For example, blocks of gas, foam made not only in industrial plants, but also directly at the site of application.Technologies are similar, but the quality of finished products obtained from arbolita above.
  • low weight makes it possible to place all the blocks fixing activities carried out manually.
  • absolute flatness of the faces allow you to do "finish" furnish any material

Low costs of construction

Besides the already mentioned methods of saving (including, and heating), with the right manufacturing costs of the most expensive components of lightweight concrete - cement - canIt is reduced by about 3 times.


SONY DSC Binder - typically used cement brand "400" or "500".

Fillers - there is enough options, and can be used and the recommended combination of ingredients (wood).


  • chips;
  • sawdust;
  • chips.

Additional components (not more than 5% of the total weight of the core):

  • needles;
  • wood rot (bark, leaves).


To increase the strength and other characteristics it is advisable to introduce a part of some substance.For example, water glass or a mixture of calcium oxide (1: 1).All depends on what is needed blocks - bearing element design or not, the conditions of further exploitation, especially of climate and other factors.


material_dlya_arbolita Wood as an organic material in its composition contains sugar.It must neutralize, as it reduces the strength of the final product.Therefore, in the mixture introduced, eg, calcium chloride, aluminum sulfate and others.But in the open sale of these "chemicals" do not, so the sugar in self manufacture can be neutralized in another way, which just below.

technology - the main stages and features

Preparation components

All fillers must be carefully grind.The maximum allowable size of fractions (not to the detriment of the quality of blocks) - 2.5 cm in length and 0.5 cm width.The task - to achieve uniform distribution of all components in volume, providing uniformity of structure and, consequently, high quality products.Further

(to neutralize the sugar) wood fillers filled with mortar (1.5%) and mixed.Exposure - not less than 3 hours.On 1 m³ composition will need about 200 liters.

Thereafter, the liquid is drained, and the weight is still maintained about 96 hours.Several times a day should be "shovel".

solution Preparation

concrete mixer To obtain the required quality it is necessary to "batch" to produce a concrete mixer.This will really achieve thorough mixing.If this work is done by hand in the traditional way - with a shovel - it does not avoid the formation of lumps, the stone structure heterogeneity.This significantly cancels all its advantages over similar products.

proportion recommend the following: water - 4 parts, wood and cement - by 3.

when mixing should not be directly loaded into the drum all cooked.The ingredients are laid in batches, without shutting down the unit.The same parts is poured and the water.This will greatly enhance the quality of the final product.


the form During cooking, you need to control the degree of readiness of the solution.If the closed fist of a small portion in the palm (after straightening the fingers) remains lying lump (ie mass keeps its shape), the arbolit ready.

blocks Getting

The solution is poured into a specially prepared form.Their dimensions are selected in accordance with the required size of the stone.These "templates" are sold for the production of aerated concrete or foam.With some skill in handling the instrument can be made independently - from smooth machined boards, thick (laminated) plywood.

design simple.Strays long pencil case, on the inner walls of which are made with a certain interval drank.These grooves are inserted into the interior partitions that divide the case back to the size of the cell blocks of the future.In them, and poured a solution.Once cured, the finished product is removed and laid on a prepared site.It "reach" to the final product ready.

few comments

  • wood must be free of dirt and foreign factions;
  • she needs and disinfection.For this is good slaked lime;
  • arbolit_4 to increase the strength necessary to condense the solution (after pouring into the mold or form for blocks).This will remove the mass of air and excess moisture.Produced or machine for block-making, or shovel, fitting way to "pierce" the fill;
  • blocks not to stick to the "canisters" inner walls must be properly prepared.They advance are finished film, linoleum, or processed waste oil before pouring the next portion of the solution;
  • can find recommendations that fit and cement 200 or 300 for arbolita Yes, but if it is "fresh" and blocks in the future are not unduly stressed.It's worth noting that only six months storage of cement reduce its basic characteristics by approximately 40 - 45%.Consequently, the "old" M300 is no longer so.It can fit into the (depending on storage conditions), eg M150.Therefore, the recommendation for grade 400, 500 quite appropriate and is not given in vain.

On the Internet you can find a lot of other recommendations for the independent production of wood-concrete blocks, which are basically similar, but differ in nuances.It is understood that this process - some "creative" experimental.Therefore, we must first try to prepare a small batch (pilot).Then it becomes clear how to work better with this cement with these filings and so on.