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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to buy a plot of land and then not regret it

Buying land on the primary market

The surest way to become the owner of his part of the huge Russian.The seller in a purchase transaction - the sale of the state acts, it also prescribes the legal rules of registration of title documents.The procedure is long, tedious, endless bureaucracy, but in the end you will have the coveted certificate of land ownership.What you have to do (note, we present only the basic steps that can be repeated several times in a circle).

  1. Collect the maximum number of documents proving your right to temporary possession, use or lease of land for residential development.Gardeners should be addressed to the board of his association, the villagers to the local administration.
  2. If the transfer of rights under contracts of gift or inheritance, copies of such documents are required.Such acts are usually made on the structure (house, cottage), so it is binding land in accordance with Article 20 and 21 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation to the residential building can serve as a legal basis for the privatization of the allotment.
  3. So, you need a certificate from the BTI and the technical passport of residential buildings (or all commercial buildings) located on the territory of your possessions.
  4. will have to be ordered from specialized organizations cadastral passport of the land, you have decided to buy.Formally, the free privatization in the law on dacha amnesty from 30.06.2006 number 93-FZ, has transformed into a relationship of purchase - sale of land.For surveying the boundaries with neighbors surveyors and surveyors will charge you 8-10 thousand rubles.And may be larger.
  5. resulting cadastral plan with the application of all these documents and the application for registration of land ownership after paying the state fee safely Bring in the regional administration of land use department.They will explain how much will cost the next steps, and how to properly arrange the purchase of land.

How to make the purchase and sale of land

leave on the secondary market, where real estate transactions are carried out between individuals, you are the buyer and find a suitable seller with a good product.What documents must provide the selling party:

  • certificate of ownership of the land, certified by the Registration Chamber and is the main pravopodverzhdayuschim act;
  • cadastral plan (passport) plot registered in Rosreestra in compliance with all applicable legislation;
  • data sheets on all the buildings that are purchased on the territory who have registered in the BTI;on residential buildings mandatory, otherwise you may inadvertently carry;
  • notarized consent of the spouse (your way, too) for the transaction of purchase - sale of land and all that is in it;
  • primary title document of the old owner (gift, inheritance, purchase, transfer of temporary ownership, etc.), based on which he joined the owner of the land law;
  • himself a contract of sale, designed in compliance with all legal formalities.

How to buy a lot cheaper

In this respect there is a lot of conflicting advice, we will focus only on one aspect.If you have friends or relatives who spend the summer in the cottage and gardening companies, ask them during trips to pay attention to two things.

  1. ads hung on poles, benches, walls of shops.Some of them will be a series of "urgent sale of land", which is already available, as people offering goods usually are not traded.
  2. carefully look around and find the abandoned land owners.If such disruption lasts more than two years, it is also a potential seller of unnecessary things to him, which can be bought cheaply.

Our country is great, the people are not enough, so the land will suffice at all, and you can buy the land and in the Chukotka region, to know why.