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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cutting board for the kitchen : simple and original Boards

hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a cutting board.Despite the fact that this attribute is often given little requirements - it just needs to be durable, comfortable and clean, along with the modern cutting board can have a lot of user-friendly additions , designed to simplify the work of the kitchen.

If you are setting up the kitchen and pick up all the necessary cooking accessories and appliances, including kitchen Boards, tips collected in this article on the "Dream House" will help you make the right choice.You will learn not only about the varieties and features cutting boards, but also about how much they need for your kitchen.

cutting board

Cutting board

required number of cutting boards

For hygienic norms in the kitchen should be a separate board for cutting raw foods separate cutting boards for meat and fish, as well as the board of sausages.The fact that the raw meat and fish can be bacteria that persist long enough to the board surface.And even after washing it, not all bacteria are killed.Because when cutting on the board, designed for meat and fish, raw foods, which are immediately eaten, the bacteria can enter the body, causing poisoning.

But even better, if cutting and meat and fish also separate boards are used.As the smell of fish resistant enough of it is unlikely to get rid of after the first washing.

In professional kitchens in catering establishments Boards kitchen must be signed in accordance with the products that they are cut.At home, the same conditions Boards most convenient to use different colors, shapes or materials.

types of cutting boards

Types of cutting boards

Types of cutting boards

Previously kitchen boards were made mainly of wood or plastic.Because of its convenience and practicality, the board of these materials are present in our kitchens today.

Chopping wood planks are great for cutting and processing of meat, fish, bread, vegetables and herbs.In addition, it is recommended to use a wooden board and work with the test.Due to its softness and flexibility of the tree, blunts knife in contact with this material and the products do not slip.However, with time on the wooden boards are quite visible traces on the knife.

downside kitchen Boards of this material is that the tree has the ability to absorb odors and product color.In addition, while washing the wooden planks to use detergents undesirable becausedue to their deformed wood substances.

wooden cutting board

wooden cutting board

Cutting board, plastic is lightweight, durability, convenience and affordability.durable and hygienically safe polyethylene and polypropylene used for the production of such dostochek.plastic boards size depends on the purpose for which they are used.For example, for cutting raw vegetables and greens more convenient to use dostochku small and large cutting board suitable for processing meat and fish, or to work with the dough.It is also often made of plastic, flexible cutting boards that can bend and fold, making it easy to cut the products are poured into any container.

disadvantage plastic chopping boards is that plastic can not withstand high temperatures, which is why such dostochku can not be used as a stand.

plastic cutting board

Chopping boards Plastic

Modern types of cutting boards include Boards, made of tempered glass.The glass board is durable, hygienic and resistant to chemicals, moisture, and can withstand very high temperatures.In addition, this board is different beautiful design, which blends harmoniously into any kitchen interior.Boards only drawback of this material is its solid surface, due to which tupyatsya knives.

Glass Cutting Board

Glass cutting board

There are also bamboo boards, the appearance of which do not differ from the wood.However, this material is considered to be more hygienic, durable and non-absorbent.The disadvantage of bamboo planks is that for its production several bamboo strips are glued together, and over time can lose their adhesive properties, which is why dostochka deformed or even disintegrates.

wooden and bamboo cutting boards

cutting boards made of wood and bamboo

Unusual patterns of cutting boards

Despite the seeming simplicity and perfection dostochek kitchen, many modern manufacturers have decided to modify the attribute of the kitchen, making it more multifunctional.

For example, now you can find a chopping board on a stand, with built-in tanks, weights and storage for knives.It is also very easy to use kits, consisting of cutting boards and bowls or plates.These boards have special sections where the plates are inserted, so that after cutting of their products will be able to pour just one blade movement.

Chopping wood board with a set of knives

Chopping wood board with a set of knives

Kitchen cutting board to the cooking surface

Kitchen cutting board to the hob

Cutting board with tray

cutting board with tray

Very interesting is the cutting board for the fish to the surface of which are mounted containers for sauce.This board is used for sushi.However, it is used not only for work but also for the supply, so do not cut into it a large amount of raw fish.

Cutting board for fish and sushi

cutting board for fish and sushi

Cutting board for sushi

Cutting board for sushi

real boon for owners of small-sized kitchen chopping board would be carved, which are built into the furniture.Most often, they are mounted under the table top, which can significantly increase the work area of ​​the kitchen.If you have a round kitchen sink, well, you can expand the working area with a special semi-circular board, which can be conveniently installed on the sink.

Cutting board for the kitchen pull-out

Cutting board for the kitchen sliding

Kitchen cutting board on a sink

Kitchen sink cutting board on

very useful addition would be a kitchen board, one side of which has a smooth surface, and the second - loosening.This cooking equipment is ideal for cutting and processing of meat.

Many housewives love our board, who are equipped with bottom trays for passing the sliced ​​products.Instead of tanks, in the board design can also be mounted storage boxes of knives and cutlery.

And, of course, manufacturers are paying particular attention to the design of every kitchen accessory.Modern cutting board may look like a fairly futuristic, and be decorated with a variety of colorful patterns and even pictures.

Glass cutting board with built-in weights

glass cutting board with integrated kitchen scales

Mineral wooden board

Board Mineral wooden

Board pallet photo

board pallet photo

Having armed with this information, you should be able to make the right choice when buying a chopping kitchen boards instore or placing an order over the Internet.

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