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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ice cream for the house : the types and characteristics of the models

Ice cream is one of the few desserts, which love to feast on all, regardless of age and taste preferences.But, unfortunately, to extend its shelf life, manufacturers have added to the ice cream a lot of different preservatives that are not the best way affects our health. However, this problem can solve modern compact freezer for the home, thanks to which every person will be able to prepare all your favorite dessert without much effort and skills, while using natural products.

Key points regarding the selection of the freezer, as well as how this device and how to prepare delicious ice cream at home - this information "Dream House" today to share with your readers.

freezer Housing

Ice cream house

principle of operation of the freezer

Before buying this wonderful device that each of us thinks not only about how to choose the freezer for at home, but in general, how it works?Modern freezer is a device of small size, consisting of containers for foods and whorls, via which the rotation and the production of ice cream.By device type freezer can be mechanical or electrical.

Mechanical model inside freezer is equipped with an additional container.This container is inserted into a special bucket of ice and salt needed to ice cream in the preparation does not turn into ice.To prepare ice cream in the adaptation of this type have to manually twist whorl.Furthermore, since the container before cooking products to be cooled in the freezer for cooking time dessert increases.

Ice cream maker manual photo

Ice cream maker manual photo

How does mechanical type freezer

How does the freezer mechanical type

principle of operation resembles the freezer electric type mixer.The walls of the bowl of the device is further equipped with a refrigerant that can produce cold.In addition, electric freezer equipped with motors which are automatically driven whorl.

However, electric ice cream makers, too, are divided into two types: with or without compressor him.The main difference between these devices is that the ice cream cup without using a compressor to have cooled down in the freezer for 12-14 hours.

The following photos: freezer Nemox Gelato Chef 2200. This automatic model with a compressor, which is ideal for the home.bowl capacity of 1.5 liters allows you to prepare 800-900 grams of ice cream for 20-40 minutes without cooling container.Also, this model can be cooled drinks.

Automatic freezer Nemox Gelato Chef 2200 compressor

Automatic freezer Nemox Gelato Chef 2200 compressor

Next Model: Semi-freezer Nemox Dolce Vita without compressor.That's just such a model, and requires pre-freezing container for 10-22 hours depending on your freezer compartment temperature as well as for making homemade ice cream products.This freezer can also be used for rapid cooling of beverages and ice storage, it may maintain the temperature of -10 ° C to 2 hours.It comes in two versions - a cup of 1.1 liters and 1.5 liters, each of which can be prepared, respectively, to 700 and to 900 grams of ice cream or other desserts.

Semi- freezer Nemox Dolce Vita

Semi-freezer Nemox Dolce Vita

It should be noted that the freezer, fitted with a compressor, considered the most convenient for desserts at home.During use of such a device is not necessary to pre-cool the bowl, asThis process is done automatically with the preparation of ice cream.At the same time, mixing and cooled, dessert ingredients not crystallize and do not turn into ice.

is noteworthy that in addition to the main dessert - ice cream, in which the unit can be prepared cocktails, sorbitol and yogurt.

What to look for when choosing a freezer

Analyzing, how to choose the freezer, in addition to the type of device it is also important to pay attention to several other factors:

1. Material bowl and housing

The most common container for products in the ice cream maker is made eitherstainless steel or plastic.First Embodiment reliable in terms of hygiene and stability.The second option - is cheaper.Ice cream, the bowl and the housing are made of plastic, it may be advisable to buy only if you plan to use this device is extremely rare.

how to choose the home freezer

How to choose a home freezer for

2. Volume bowls

As a rule, equipped with homemade ice cream cups in volume from 0.5 to 2 liters.Given that the liter cup at a time, you can cook 4-6 servings of dessert, choice of devices for this parameter depends on the family's needs and volumes of the planned arrangements.

addition to the standard cup, in the packaging of some units include 2-4 portioned cup, which is useful for preparing individual servings of ice cream.

Ice cream maker Moulinex mini sorbet with cups

Ice cream maker Moulinex mini sorbet with cups

Ice cream maker Moulinex mini sorbet with cups

Ice cream maker Moulinex mini sorbet with cups

3. Power

Ice cream is not equipped with a compressor, consume 4-35Vt.Power of similar models with compressors is 150-200Vt.But we should not assume that the higher the capacity of the device, the faster and better it will prepare ice cream, because, regardless of this indicator, any freezer cope with its main task.

how to choose the freezer

How to choose the freezer

There are also models that work not on the network, and a battery.This freezer must be easy to insert into the freezer and turn.Example: model Panasonic BH-941P.

Rules cooking homemade ice cream

To prepare homemade ice cream in the ice cream maker you just enough Ice cream maker Panasonic BH-941P on batteries

Ice cream maker Panasonic BH-941P battery-

just chop all the ingredients in a blender and pour the mixture into an aggregate included.After approximately 20-30 minutes the dessert is ready.The products are typically used in flavor and in an arbitrary amount.For example, for the preparation of 4 servings of ice cream with banana taste you need: 2-3 ripe banana, half a cup of milk, half a cup of cream, 100-150gr.sugar and the juice of half a lemon.Very often in the packaging device includes a recipe book with a variety of options for preparing a refreshing dessert.
cooking homemade ice cream in the ice cream maker

Preparation of homemade ice cream in the ice cream maker

How to make ice cream in the ice cream maker

How to make ice cream in the ice cream maker

How to make ice cream in the ice cream maker

How to make ice cream in the ice cream maker

However, it is important to understand that different from the homemade ice cream shop.Firstly, it is softer, and, secondly, very quickly melts.Ice cream, cooked on their own, should not be stored open.If you want to freeze the dessert, or eat them later, should be to shift it into a sealed container and only then put in the fridge.

Today, the market also offered a model ice cream Banana Yoghurt, which is preparing a dessert without milk - bananas and other fruits and berries.This model is suitable for vegetarians and those who by virtue of any circumstances do not consume dairy products.

Ice cream without milk in ice cream maker Banana Yogurt

cream without milk in ice cream maker Banana Yoghurt

Operating freezer tips at home

Because even the best ice cream, just like any other electrical appliance, eventually fail, in the course of its operation need to adhere to some of the recommendations.

  • Firstly, to avoid damaging the bowl, spread the dessert needs only wooden spoons, which are almost always included with the appliance.
  • Secondly, after use, not only need to wash the bowl, and agitator blades which can easily be removed and then put back.
  • And, thirdly, be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations with regard to the type of your freezer.

Ice cream for the house, in spite of their small size, are excellent devices that help diversify the everyday and festive menus are not only delicious, but also useful desserts.Cooking your own ice cream, you can control the composition and energy value of the product, which is very important for people to adhere to certain diets or diets.

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