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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a baking dish : the variety of forms

Currently, there are few confectionery shop, which would be produced without the various harmful substances to the human body : preservatives, colorings, flavorings, etc.It is therefore justified the production of cakes, pies, cakes at home.What you need to do, in addition to the necessary ingredients?Correctly, select the appropriate form for baking!

After forms are an essential attribute of baking quality - the dough has come as it should, so as not burnt and do not stick to the wall in an attempt to get the cake out of the mold.

For the uninformed novice chefs from the range of molds that offer specialized shops, can simply head go round: silicone, metal, ceramic, glass, iron, paper.Another may be the form of bread, nuts, cakes, baguettes, tubes, cakes, tartlets, cakes.In addition, the shape are round, rectangular, shaped, crescent-shaped, in the form of bears, heart, butterfly, ladybug, etc.

How to determine the diversity and how to choose a baking dish ?Let's deal together.

Silicone bakeware

appeared recently on the market of kitchen utensils, silicone bakeware liked even "seasoned" housewives, but the cooking novice and say nothing.These forms do not stick the dough, they do not need to grease (except just before the very first cakes), the dough is baked through them evenly without drying, plus the finished confection is very easily removed from the silicone mold.Is it not a dream?

Silicone bakeware

Silicone bakeware

Silicone bakeware

Silicone bakeware photo

Silicone baking dish donuts Tescoma

silicone molds for baking donuts Tescoma

In addition, silicone molds come in many sizes and shapes, they can bake a large cakeand cupcakes.Moreover, it can be done in a modern oven, so ive oven gas or electric, even these forms can be used for baking in the microwave and Aerogrill.Among the shortcomings can be identified only one - in these forms can not be baked at temperatures above 240 ° C.But this disadvantage can be tolerated, is not it?And finally I want to say that the silicone forms, you can not only make pastries, and frozen fruit or any other ice.

ceramic mold for baking

Forms for baking porcelain

Forms porcelain baking

Ceramic mold for baking Tescoma

ceramic mold for baking Tescoma

Such form baking have a presentable appearance (not ashamed to file a cake in them even on a holiday table), andthick walls, so they undercooked dough is much rarer than in thinner molds.In addition, "breathing" Ceramic forms uniformly dough baked through, the middle is not wet.Another advantage is resistance to high temperature ceramics.They cook well portioned souffles, puddings, casseroles and a variety of chat "piping hot" bring to the table.

Metal and angiprigarnye baking tin

Metal bakeware photo

Metal Bakeware photo

They are familiar to our grandmothers can remember, in square shapes baked bread, round and split mold used for baking pies and cakes for the cake?These simple forms of aluminum, tin or stainless steel sold today.Most often they are made of thin metal, may therefore easily deformed.But with regard to caring for them - durable.Among the shortcomings should be noted only that the metal molds before baking should be liberally grease, otherwise the dough certainly will burn to the walls and bottom of the molds.

And to avoid this, choose a Teflon baking dish.These are the same metal mold, but with Teflon non-stick coating.By such a wall does not stick cookware dough, but they still have to grease, especially if the dough is baked, which contains no fat (e.g., biscuit).When you select should choose to focus on Teflon forms with thick walls, these molds will last longer and will not deform.Among the shortcomings of such shape can be noted only one - it can not be scratched.

Teflon baking dish

Teflon baking dish

Non-stick mold for baking cakes and pies Tescoma

non-stick mold for baking cakes and pies Tescoma

Glass bakeware

forms of heat-resistant glass as well as ceramic, it is aesthetic, and they can serve the dishon the table, without removing from the mold.Good to cook a variety of casseroles, vegetables in them, but if you decide to prepare the cake, it is better to lay the bottom of this form of parchment paper to prevent sticking to the walls.But we should remember that glass baking dish does not tolerate extreme temperatures, so it is necessary to heat and cool slowly.

Glass bakeware Smart cooking

Glass bakeware Smart cooking

Cast iron baking tins

They are somewhat similar to the ceramic form, but only for the wall thicknesses.They are also good baked through the dough from all sides and inside, but before baking form is required grease.Of the advantages can be noted the longevity of these forms - as well as cast-iron frying pans and other cookware, baking tins made of cast iron only become stronger over time.

Cast-iron molds for baking

Cast iron baking tins

Cast-iron baking dish

cast iron bakeware

Paper Bakeware

But the way out for those who do not want to mess around with dirty dishes - you can just use paper baking dish.This one-off forms that are released immediately after baking.Most often, they baked cakes, muffins, tarts, cakes.Environmental disposable forms are used not only for baking but also for the transportation of culinary delights.Going to visit, you can bake a cake and bring it to its original form, it does not lose its original shape, not dampen, does not spoil the taste.

Paper disposable molds

Paper disposable molds

Forms for baking muffins

We would like to dwell on that, how to choose a baking dish cupcakes.Typically, they have a round shape with a hole in the center.This is only needed for heavy dough well propeklos inside.If you are a lover of large cakes, then this form is absolutely necessary in the economy.

Forms for baking muffins

Forms for baking cupcakes photo

Cake pan Tescoma

cake pan Tescoma

Form for baking cakes and muffins DELICIA

Form for baking cakes and muffins DELICIA

Where to buy bakeware

any shape, whether it is metal or glass, can bebuy in stores dishes, but here are selling silicone molds.Excellent choice to save your time - order any form of the online store for home delivery.

As you can see, bakeware are different, and completing their review, it should be noted that it is impossible to do in the kitchen of any one form.If the cake - it's your favorite thing to which you belong and in good faith with the soul, then have several different forms - it is a matter of honor.For tartlets - paper or silicone for cupcakes - with a special hole in the center for a souffle - ceramic molds for cakes - square metal.

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