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August 12, 2017 18:07

Kitchen utensils - the types and characteristics

When you start to settle in your kitchen, it seems that one is enough pots, pans, kettle, a couple of bars and a couple of boards for cutting. However, after a short period of time, it turns out that this list needs to be continued.And due to the fact that the manufacturers offer a large selection of kitchen utensils very easy to make a mistake and buy not exactly what you need for you.

What there kitchen utensils and how to choose it exactly to your needs, you will learn in this article.Pots and pans for the kitchen from the necessary to the important details.

Kitchen utensils photo

Kitchen utensils photo

Pots and pans for the kitchen

Pots Kitchen

order not to get lost in a huge range of choice of representation, you might want to learn about the functionality of a particular type of kitchen utensils.Here is a small list with its main features and application.

Kitchen utensils - pots

Kitchen pots considered the most necessary utensils.They are used for cooking soups, pasta, vegetables and fruit compotes.Pots come in different sizes and types:

  • enamel pot - as a rule, it is replete with colorful designs and still has demand.It is convenient to cook borscht, different kinds of soups, cereals, sauces, compotes, jelly.But it is not intended to extinguish the meat products or fruits, becausethey can burn on.She has a significant drawback - low practicality.As a result of a blow or fall enameled pots on the floor is possible breakaway enamel.This disorder can lead to poisoning of food with harmful chemical elements;
  • aluminum pan - it distributes heat well and so it quickly boils the liquid.You can easily cook eggs, pasta, potatoes, cereals.In a saucepan perfectly retains its properties ready food in the refrigerator.However, to prepare meals, which contain acidic, alkaline, or salty foods in an aluminum pan is not recommended.Thus, borscht, soup with tomatoes, dairy products and fruit drinks for her under the ban;
  • stainless steel pots - they are most in demand today.This excitement causes a number of positive qualities of stainless steel: no forbidden foods, utensils resistant to scratches and dents, have good thermal conductivity, looks good enough for a long time;
  • cast iron pans - perfect for stewing meat, vegetables.They can be put in the oven and you can cook in a saucepan on the stove or cooktop.The only negative - store food in a pot is not recommended, because iron can rust;
  • copper pans - suitable for any kind of cooking, well washed, they can store cooked food in the refrigerator;
  • glass pan - its main advantage is that such a pan looks most attractive.Cooking it can be anything you want, if you do not neglect the simple rules: put a pot only divider to monitor the water level, because an empty glass pan burst.It is also important quality glass, which is manufactured from pan;
  • Teflon pan - has an excellent non-stick effect.It can be prepared in any, even very high temperatures, as well as a small amount of water.During cooking should only use wooden utensils.If you damage, scratch the finish, it will have a pot to throw, because instead of benefit it will bring harm to your body.
cooking pots

Kitchen pots

Kitchen utensils - pots and baking dishes

Kitchen utensils - pots and baking dishes

Kitchen utensils - stainless steel pans

Kitchen utensils - pots stainless steel

Pans Kitchen

pans, as well as pots, aredifferent types and diameters.But the most important task of any cooking pans - it's a great quality of the product dispensed.Therefore, pay attention to the product, buying the kitchenware: bottom and sides should not be thin.The ideal situation may serve as a pan made of cast iron, but if you prefer less weighty cookware , then you should look at a pan made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Pots for photo kitchen

Pans Kitchen Photo

Kitchen pan with non-stick coating

Kitchen pan with non-stick coating

Besides classical pans, in today's world, there are also those of their species:

  • pan Wok - during use is not necessary to add a large number ofoil.Suffice it to chop the ingredients, make the fire stronger and constantly stir the dish is prepared;
  • pan Grill - grooved surface makes the product completely in touch with oil or fat, which you cook.Therefore taste associated with taste dishes prepared on the grill;
  • pan-crepe maker - speaks for itself.The walls in such pans are not high, the diameter, you can choose from several options.

Other kitchen utensils

Saucepan - two in one: pots and pans.It can perfectly cook pilaf, stew variety of vegetable and meat stew, even can be fried in deep fat.

bucket - it is usually prepared a variety of sauces or baby porridge.In general, it is designed for fast cooking on a small number of people.

utyatnitsu, roaster - this utensil is designed for roasting poultry as a whole.The positive effect of such kitchen utensils that the lid all spices, juices and flavors remain in and distributed evenly.Therefore, the bird will not be cooked, dry or tight.

pressure cooker - a rather popular form of utensils, pans or even more so, in which thanks to the tightness of the dishes are prepared much more quickly than in the conventional pan.

Steamer - it can be a full-fledged pan or a nozzle, allowing you to cook healthy meals for a couple.

Colander - straining for ready meals, in particular, pasta, rice and other things, as well as for washing and drying of vegetables, fruits and berries.

By utensils just need to include items such as ladles, spatula, skimmer, tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes, bowls and basins of different sizes, hammers for beating the meat, knives, scissors, rolling pin, sieve trays, graters, mortar and pestle, formsbaking, kettles, spadefoot and other necessary appliances for cooking.

Kitchen utensils photo

Kitchen utensils photo

Kitchen utensils and stainless steel cookware

Kitchen utensils and stainless steel cookware

Kitchen utensils - rolling pin

Kitchen utensils - a rolling pin to

test If you do not want much to bother searching for what is meant by self kitchen utensils,you can buy from the online store popular set of stainless steel pots.It happens that in their set includes a frying pan or saucepan.

a set of stainless steel saucepans

set of saucepans, stainless steel

A set of stainless steel saucepans

Set of stainless steel pots

Professional cookware

If you love to cook, and you often come to visit, it is best to buy a professional kitchen utensils.They differ from the usual cooking utensils in strength, durability and greater functionality.However, apart from the quality of the product, there is still an emphasis on ease of use, the original design.

Professional cookware

Professional cookware

Kitchen utensils as an element of design

addition to features and practical functions, cooking utensils should fit the overall design of the kitchen and harmoniously fit into its interior.

So pay attention to such devices as kitchen rails.Thanks to them all the most necessary accessories and utensils are always at hand.This is especially important if you have a kitchen with an island, where the best storage utensils - hanging rails on the island itself.

Kitchen utensils photo

Kitchen utensils photo

But a variety of gadgets for the kitchen help to get maximum enjoyment from cooking.

Using newfangled devices, do not forget that the only kitchen utensils made of wood filled with warmth your kitchen, even if it's just tolkushkoy, rolling pins, cutting boards.Energy which transmits this natural material are not able to replace any, even the most convenient item of aluminum, silicon or plastic.

kitchen utensils made ​​of wood

Kitchen utensils made of wood

If we agree with the fact that people - that is what he eats, should be supplemented: he is of what eats what prepares your meal.A good hostess in the first place make sure that kitchen utensils in her house was environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful.And then the whole family will enjoy new culinary delights, while maintaining their health!

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