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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cutting board with their own hands

Cutting board - is an essential accessory helper in the kitchen of every housewife.Use it mostly for cutting vegetables and cutting meat.Certain types are manufactured for serving as a stand for hot dishes and serving dishes to the table.


Types cuttingplanks of wood

Souvenir, varnished cutting boards are designed to decorate the walls in the kitchen.However, the modern masters began to produce these accessories with the possibility of their further use in the home.One side of the souvenir plaque decorated with carvings and ornaments, and the other - pure wood.

Traditionally it is considered that the form of cutting board should be square or rectangular, but today you can buy absolutely different types: oval, round, on a path resembling an apple, fish and so on.

not tiring to look at stores you right cutting board, you can make yourself to your taste.

order to cut the meat, it is recommended to use a dense and heavy board.For slicing of vegetables and herbs - small mobile and multifunctional.In the kitchen is better to have a complete set of boards of various size and destination.According to the classification of the board are divided into these types: cutting, miniature, carved and decoupage.

  1. End boards.The most popular are for butchering meat.On this board you can cook chops or steak.Board is able to withstand blows with a hammer chops.Oak board end is particularly robust and much less tupit sharp knives, unlike conventional boards.
  2. Cutting board beech, pine, birch and bamboo.

most budget option - pine boards.Such a board is easy to process and has a low hardness.

birch and beech boards gain in quality due to its hardness and strength.But its negative - it's over-hygroscopic.Moisture acts detrimental to such boards.

Bamboo Cutting Board Chinese origin are less popular, but its cost is much less than the price of oak or birch.

cutting board ( 1 )

Raw material for the manufacture of cutting board

before a chopping board with your hands, you need to choose the material.For this purpose, the raw material of wood, silicone, plastic, stone and glass ceramics.

  1. tree.At the hardware store you can often see the beech, oak or pine cutting surface.It should be noted that these surfaces are suitable only for cutting bread or dried vegetables, as above tree varieties rapidly destroyed by moisture.

Bamboo kitchen boards are characterized by high strength and resistance to pressure.Moisture-proof, perfectly clean and do not absorb food odors.

Chopping boards of acacia and oak - the choice of professionals.Their advantages - high quality.The drawback - the high cost.

Care.Wooden cutting board can not be washed in the dishwasher.It should be rinsed under the tap, but do not soak in the sink.Once a week you need to wipe the wood vinegar essence to get rid of germs.

  1. Stone.Marble, granite and stone cutting surface look very impressive.Marble has antibacterial properties, can not stand too hot objects and processing with acidic substances on their surface.

Kitchen stone board is ideal for rolling dough, which is obtained on it evenly thin.

Care.Stone surfaces should be cleaned periodically by blockage, as this material has to "breathe."With proper operation of stone cutting boards can last for a long time.

Plastic.In this case it is necessary to select only high quality plastic, which has a heat-resistant and moisture-proof properties.Board of good plastic is more durable and hygienic.If you want to make your own board, plastic, choose a colorless material that does not contain toxic substances.

Care.Plastic can be washed in the dishwasher.After cutting meat or fish plastic board should be cleaned with dishwashing liquid.A disinfection can be placed on it for 2 minutes in a microwave oven with a glass of water.

  1. Silicone.Kitchen cutting surface of the silicone has long earned its popularity in the kitchenware market.Silicone does not slip on the surface of the table, it does not absorb odors from the products and does not blunt the knife's edge.It is convenient to store in a twisted form.Silicone mat in their function is no different from the traditional wooden boards.

Care.Wash the silicone pad should be detergent-free acids.Acceptable its immersion in the dishwasher.This material can withstand both high and low temperatures.

  1. Ceramic Glass.Cutting board made of this material is durable and resistant to shocks.It is easy to clean, withstands high temperatures and totally absorb food odors.For use in the kitchen environment is not a very practical option, as the knife to quickly blunts on the glass surface.Bulletin of the glass ceramic is ideal for decoration kitchen interior and stands for hot.

Care.Subject to washing in the dishwasher.

How are traditional cutting boards, you can see in the photo below.

cutting board ( 4 )

glass-ceramic (2 )

plastic ( 1)

design cutting boards

Making a cutting board can be quite varied.If you're in search of unusual forms - take note of a few design decisions.

  1. Classic wooden board with drain liquid metal edging and a place for the knife.
  2. retractable cutting board.Fastened to the closet and pulled out of it in case of need.
  3. rectangular board with a removable plate.When the products are cut only enough of them to move the knife in one of the plateaus.
  4. There are also chopping boards with sliding containers for washing and rubbish.

cutting board ( 5 )

make one of these cutting boards with his own hands will be a little harder than usual.But if there is desire and knowledge can be made and a design option.

wooden cutting board with their hands

Cutting board made of plywood - a more traditional option.It is practical and easy to use in the kitchen.In this case, represented by board manufacturing technology of birch plywood.

to work you will need:

  • pencil;
  • template;
  • bench and hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • drill;
  • file;
  • vise.

Before you start creating your kitchen accessories, you must sketch drawing a cutting board.

Plywood boards

  1. Prepare birch board 12 mm thick and neat pencil to mark the contours of her board on the pattern.
  2. With hacksaw saw out the contour of the product.
  3. on the board with an awl mark the location for the hole and drill it with a drill.
  4. Hold the product in the grip of a file and perform the cleaning of the surface.Edges slightly rounded.
  5. Optionally can decorate the outside of the board with watercolors, and cover it with varnish.

Cutting board on supports

Craft chopping board with their hands not be easy.However, to make her legs and structure with a recess for the dish to be a bit more complicated.According to present figures, you can visualize the future design of the cutting board.

board on the supports ( 1 )

to work you will need:

  • blanks Oak Shield (40h33h3 cm);
  • 2 oak boards supports (10h33h3 cm);
  • PVA glue;
  • varnish;
  • sandpaper.

Dimensions homemade cutting board designed for plates with a diameter of 25 cm and 10 cm in height. You can take advantage of the size, and can create a board for this dish, which you will be comfortable to use in the future.

  1. Three plates Planed oak glued together into a shield.
  2. When Shield dries out it is necessary to saw the workpiece to the board.Length 40 cm, width - 33 cm.
  3. On one side blank and pencil compasses necessary raschertit semicircle.Can be used instead of the proper plate compasses.After 10 mm from the dotted line parallel to draw a semi-circle smaller.This is illustrated in the figure above.
  4. Jigsaws Saw smaller semicircle.
  5. On the reverse side of the board to mark places for poles and cut them carpentry chisel.The resulting paste it grooves carved oak support.
  6. surface of the cutting board thoroughly grind sandpaper.
  7. first soak the tree olive oil, and then - coat paint everything except the working surface of the board.

Cutting board in oak with legs and the recess for the bowls ready.When the paint dries, you are ready to use the board.

board on the supports ( 2 )

To cutting surface is not kept a smell of fish - lubricate the tree half a lemon and rinse with hot water.Carve the meat, cut vegetables and bread is not recommended on a single board.For the purposes of each board must use a specific purpose.

about how you can make a cutting board at home, you can see on the video details.