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August 12, 2017 18:07

What temperature should be in the refrigerator ?

food storage standards at low temperatures

Very well, if your refrigerator has separate thermostats for each of the cameras, because it is not always possible to adjust the temperature of a single mechanism for the whole refrigerator.

Most units offer set the temperature from +1 to +9 for the cooling chamber, from -16 to -24 degrees Celsius to freezing, and keep the air in the area 0 in the so-called zone of freshness.

general does not necessarily adhere to strict standards.The air temperature in the refrigerator should depend primarily on your usual diet.Certain products require their own personal tempreratura, so what is the temperature in the refrigerator should be that you decide it is necessary to individually.
In particular:

  • Fresh meat and fish like the temperature from 0 to 2.
  • cooked food is stored at 2 degrees.
  • root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets) are well stored at +4.
  • Most vegetables and fruits should be stored at +8.
  • optimum temperature for storing frozen food -18 degrees.
  • Fast freeze fresh foods is carried out at -24, but store them after better still at -18 degrees.

What is the temperature in the refrigerator 1

What is "freshness zone"?

Some products are well kept at a minimum temperature without freezing, without losing any of its culinary, nor its beneficial properties.These products include fresh fish, meat, poultry, greens, some vegetables.It is for these products are designed and zero the camera.

Especially for different kinds of products made dry "freshness zone", where at a temperature close to 0 degrees, stored meat and fish fresh food, and "freshness zone" with high humidity up to 90% for fresh vegetables and herbs.

For persons who are watching their health and eat right, such cameras - a real salvation, because the food retains all the nutrients.

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What is a super-freeze?

can not always afford to eat only fresh food.In the off-season fruits and vegetables are expensive, inconvenient and just every day to run to the store.It created the opportunity for this "Super" -zamorozki at low temperatures (-24, -32 Celsius).Such rapid freezing does not destroy, but as it preserves the food.A good package super-frozen foods are stored for months without losing its properties.

What is the temperature in the refrigerator 4

However, after complete freezing is recommended that you shift the food in a normal freezer at -16 -18 degrees.

These are the generally accepted standards of storing different kinds of products, and what the temperature in the refrigerator is suitable for you depends on your diet.