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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dryer for vegetables with your hands

Fruits - a source of vitamins and a variety of useful elements necessary to maintain health and strengthen the immune system.But to use them fresh throughout the year is impossible.In order to provide the body with necessary substances fruits must be harvested in advance.For this there are two possibilities: drying and preserving.A larger amount of vitamins in fruits is preserved by drying.In the process of preserving a significant portion of the molecules is destroyed, so that the fruits lose much of vitamins.


  • especially dried fruits
  • principle of operation of the dryer
  • manufacturing technology method of manufacturing an infrared dryer
  • Solar dryer
  • Conclusion

especially dried fruits

Todried fruit can just put them in a cool place and wait when they reach the desired state.This method has certain advantages sincefor its implementation does not need to exert much effort and making big investments.In addition, during this process of harvesting fruits retain almost all the valuable elements.But this approach also has a significant drawback.

dried fruits thus attract insects.And to protect the fruits of their invasion is not possible, because in the conditions of hermetic packaging and lack of contact with air fruit just will not dry.Not a way out and processing chemicals, as in this case will change the taste of the product.Besides chemicals penetrate into the structure of the fruit, and such a product will not be absolutely safe.The best way to prepare fruits for the whole year is manufacturing dryers.


principle of operation of the dryer

principle dryers for fruits is as follows: the main work is done by enhanced air flow that passes through the fruit layer.As a result of such exposure in the fruit activates metabolic processes that accelerate the process of drying.But the fruit can not be influenced by an open air flow immediately.Previously they should be held in a drier without subjecting such exposed for 3-4 days.

for this fruit should be cut and put on trays, which are then mounted on the body.Drying can thus not only fruits but also herbs, mushrooms.During heating, the moisture is removed from the fruit, and their final moisture indicator is constituted from 5% to 8%.To avoid reducing the temperature necessary to take care of the insulation design of the walls.


Manufacturing process The design of the dryer for vegetables and fruits make up the three main parts:

  • body;
  • fan;
  • tray to accommodate the fruit.

different materials can be used to manufacture the body.For example, the plywood sheets.The recommended size of the design:. Width - 60 cm, length - 80 cm, height - 40 cm enclosure must consist only of walls, floor and do not need to mount the cover.

as old refrigerator is suitable for the manufacture of the oven.Because it is necessary to clean the freezer compartment and a compressor.B, so it is removed should be careful as insulation in the fridge often use glass wool.The work to be performed in tight clothes and rubber Signet.The process takes place in such facilities sequence:

  1. the bottom and top of the refrigerator should make windows to ensure intake air flow structure and its output.
  2. Ensure the door lock can be with a conventional hook.If the hook a little bend and make it a notch, when closing the door will be more fit snugly to the refrigerator, tightly closing the case.
  3. as the bottom, you must install a metal fine mesh.

For this purpose, you can also use the grill for grilling.Pre-need to remove the grill wire handles.On the grid is fixed fan equipped with the engine.This element can be removed with the old technology.In the absence of a fan, you can replace incandescent lamps.They need 2 units with a capacity of 150 watts.When using the lamps will need a little more time for drying.In the upper part of the box set trays, which will affect the fan airflow.


manufacturing infrared drying method

This is a fairly simple and economical method of making homemade fruit dryers.To work required:

  • a heating film, which is used for the installation of underfloor size 50x100 cm Power of such a film is 110 W;.
  • electric cable with plug and switch;
  • insulation kit.

better use isolation of bitumen used for mounting infrared sexes.On top of this material should be laid PVC insulation, it can be purchased at the point of sale of the heating film.

To connect the wire to the warmer will also need 2 clips, 2 eyelets, 2 terminal - rings.The wires are connected by soldering:

  1. During soldering a film is recommended to put a metal bar, it will prevent it from overheating.
  2. temperature of the dryer as high as 58 ° C.This is enough to produce a quality product.This dryer is quite convenient to use.It can be easily rolled up for easy storage or transport it.
  3. Also, this dryer is a multifunctional device, since the possibility of its application is not limited to dried fruits.This device is used as a heater in the cold season.

Infrakrasnay ​​- drying - for - fruits - and - vegetables - 5

Solar dryer

This design will allow to dry fruits with the help of solar energy.To work needed to prepare the wooden bars 50x50 mm.The width, length and depth of the dryer can be chosen arbitrarily, focusing on personal needs.

  1. Bars slipping between them.Thus, a three-piece.
  2. Next strays frame.
  3. design Shelves must be mounted at right angles to the sun.In order to determine the angle of the future need to install dryer in the sun and to observe the shadow.
  4. housing should be tilted and track when it connects shadow contours.Then use the level mark on the side parts of the shelf space location.
  5. rear wall and side parts have to sew plywood sheets or clapboard.The rear part should further establish the metal sheet, it will provide a heating dryer.The top and the bottom of the holes are left to allow air circulation.
  6. To prevent the penetration of insects through these holes should be closed with mosquito netting.
  7. Inside design is painted in black.This is done to create a greenhouse effect, which is required for drying.
  8. dryer must be covered with transparent material.For this purpose, fit a normal glass, polycarbonate or clear the slate.
  9. This dryer for fruit with their hands ready, it can be installed.It must be placed at an angle, so the sun's rays in a sufficient amount will fall in the dryer.The desired location can provide, leaning the body to any surface.If no suitable surface, the tube attached to the sidewalls construction.For air circulation the shelves are made of a mesh material.For example, of the mosquito net.

by solar dryer is as follows.The rays of the sun penetrate the transparent cover and the heated metal sheet attached to the back wall.As a result, the temperature inside the structure is significantly increased and reached 50 ° C.Under these conditions, the fruit dry out at an accelerated pace.At the same time due to the removal of moisture out products are not moldy.This contributes to good ventilation.After a lower opening in the dryer enters the cool air, it heats up and through the hole in the top of the leaves.This principle prevents the appearance of mold on the fruit.

When drying is not necessary to try to speed up the process by increasing the temperature.As a result, a significant amount of vitamins and pectin in fruits are destroyed and their nutritional value is reduced.To obtain a quality product design temperature should not exceed 50 ° C.



Application dryer will perform harvesting vegetables for the whole year.At the same time the fruit will not be subjected to destructive thermal stresses, so keep in its structure almost all the useful elements.Manufacturing technology of this design is fairly simple, and necessary materials - available.Before you make, you need to take into account all the features of dryers for fruits:. Reviews, design parameters, type etc.

manufacturing infrared dryers process fruit is shown in the video: