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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to take a shower and how to wash in the shower

How to take a shower
  • Benefits
  • Morning invigorating shower
  • Evening relaxing shower
  • Useful tips
  • Rules hardening
  • Contraindications
  • personal hygiene

Every day a person needs to take care of your body andhygiene.The morning shower will help to cheer up and will be a great start to the day.Shower in the evening time of day will not only help get rid of dirt and sweat, but also relieve fatigue, to wash away the problems and stresses of the day and set the body on a deep sleep.How to take a shower and thus heal your body?


Taking a shower has a beneficial effect on the human body:

  • warm shower helps relieve fatigue and relax;
  • shower indispensable after physical work or sports training.When physical exercise muscle begins to accumulate lactic acid, which causes discomfort and pain in the muscles, warm water and massage the effect of the soul will help to quickly bring lactic acid and restore the "clogged" the muscles;
  • wash your hair with warm water is best, and then your hair will always be healthy and shiny.The hot water washes the protective layer, as a result, this leads to loss of hair.Cold water can not be qualitatively remove contamination of the skin of the head, so the hair quickly lose their shine and become unpresentable, but many argue that washing with cold water head helps get rid of dandruff;
  • washing head warm water can relieve headache and severe stress.

Shower activates metabolic processes, so the human body is cleansed of toxins, rejuvenates the skin and as a result the body to lose extra weight.

How to take a shower
Cold and hot shower
My head under the shower

Douches is based on a sharp drop of temperature modes, allowing you to stimulate the circulation of blood. all systems and organs get the oxygen and nutrients, and increases immunity.Douches is the easiest means of tempering the body.Just a few procedures and you will notice a significant improvement in the skin - it will become more supple and taut, and you'll feel just fine.

Morning invigorating shower

morning shower - this is one of the most important and obligatory morning person procedure, because it helps to energize the whole day.The best is a cool shower, but the water temperature should be selected for each individual.

should follow the rule: when the water temperature is lowered to reduce the need to stay in the shower.During the procedure, the water can rub the skin using a loofah or terry mitten.

The best time to water procedures - this is approximately 6-8 hours in the morning.Cool shower improve blood circulation, and the blood will get faster hormone called "cortisol".

Morning showers

Douches will not only wake up, it will also strengthen the immune system.This procedure has a rejuvenating and toning properties.Douches is characterized by alternating cold and hot water.

Nice shower treatments
An invigorating hydromassage shower

Stages contrast shower:

  1. first procedure for the adoption of the water you need to use warm water, to feel comfortable.
  2. Then for 15 seconds to turn off the hot water and unscrew the faucet with cold water.You can count aloud seconds.
  3. Then again, it is necessary to include hot water and gradually raise the temperature of the water until you can sustain.
  4. This alternation must be repeated several times.
  5. At the final stage the water temperature may be the same as the temperature of the body, to get real pleasure.

After taking contrasting shower immediately improves blood circulation, the person feels a burst of energy and vigor.This shower is especially useful for women, because it serves as the prevention of the formation of fat in the buttocks and sides.

Evening relaxing shower

In the evening shower should be relaxing to calm the nervous system and adjust the body to sleep. Therefore it is best to use warm water.On average

advised to spend about 15 minutes in the bathroom, but can be more if desired.

evening to use additional accessories and hygiene products, to bring the body back in order.This is, first and foremost, soap or shower gel, scrub, sponges and brushes.

After a hard day, try to use cosmetics, which contain natural substances that promote relaxation and relieve stress: fig extract, essential oils, medicinal herbs.An excellent relaxing effect will complement the procedure soul aromatherapy or chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy - Shower with illumination
Shower with a rainbow light - chromotherapy
Shower with colored light - chromotherapy

Useful tips

When you take a shower, remember that you need:

  • Use a mild detergent todo not dry up the skin. The best option would be the use of hygiene products with a neutral value PH.
  • Each family member should have their personal loofah. For daily use should choose a soft washcloth, but rigid only once a week, so as not to damage the skin can be used.It must be remembered that after each use, rinse the washcloth should be well and dry.
  • All hygiene must be personal. First of all, this rule applies to towels and washcloths, but also should not forget about makeup.For example, a face cream should be chosen depending on skin type.
  • cleansing procedure should start with body soaping. When you're completely in the foam, do not forget to pay attention to a particularly dirty areas.Next you need a good wash all the scum of the body and wash her hair under warm water.
  • better finish the procedure with cool water, to skin pores narrowed, because it helps keep moisture in the skin.
  • After water procedures it is desirable to moisten the skin nourishing cream for the body.

few tips regarding timing and nature of water treatment in the shower:

  • If you wash several times a day, do not use soap or shower gel each time taking a shower.It can dry the skin and wash away the protective layer of the skin.
  • Special timeframe is not for showering. Some people quite a few minutes.Just remember that you can not stay long in a cold or hot water.
  • necessary to take a shower every day, especially this rule should be followed in the hot season.To just freshen up, the water temperature should be comfortable for the body.
  • After a heavy day's work can take a relaxing shower.To do this, stand up so that water flowed on the back.First, the water temperature should be warm and then gradually increase the temperature.Thus, you will be able to carry out a kind of massage is the central point of ganglion.Then you need to dress warmly and a little lie down.
  • For sound sleep better to take a warm shower of cool water be forgotten in the evening.
  • to take a relaxing shower, optimum water temperature should be between 25 and 40 degrees.
  • lovers hot shower first to include warm water and gradually raise the water temperature to the desired degree.
  • Anyone who loves a cool shower, first only warm water should be used, and then you can gradually reduce the degree.

for women and men showering procedure is no different, only women should conduct pre-deployment training:

  • comb your hair, so that when shampooing the hair does not tangle;
  • using special tools to remove makeup from the face.

Women love to use a lot of cosmetic products during water treatment, as a scrub, shower gel, facial mask or hair, milk and other.

For men, too, developed a series of cosmetics, but they do not always use it.

Shower before bedtime
Shower brings joy
A man and a woman in the shower

Rules hardening

Douches is the best way to invigorate the body. This aqueous process should be started only with warm water, then gradually increase the temperature of the water, until steam appears.When the body is well steamed, then you need a few seconds to open the tap with cold water.On average, by pouring cold water time should be two or three times less than the hot water.To achieve the desired result of the procedure must be repeated several times.And in the end - oblitsya cool water.

Douches allows narrow and dilate blood vessels, which is beneficial to the skin. healthy hardened men can only carry out this procedure the water.Newcomers must first alternate warm and hot water, each time one degree lower water temperature.For hardening of the body with the help of a contrast shower definitely need to use alternately hot and cold water.This process does not please everyone, especially for beginners is a difficult enough courage to carry out this procedure.It is necessary to carefully take a douche, so as not to harm their health.

main rules for making a contrast shower:

  • quenched the body can be used only if the person is completely healthy.When inflammation is strictly prohibited to use the change of water temperature regimes.
  • By hardening process is necessary to prepare in advance.Only a positive mental attitude will help set up and calm the body before a contrast shower.
  • Take douche must be regularly and regardless of the season.If you pause the process of hardening will need to start over, while gradually lowering the level of warm water to the cooler.
  • Hardening always begins with pouring warm water.Further, the degree of water should gradually improve during the thirty seconds.After turn on the cold water and thirty seconds.The process of alternation of hot and cold water should be performed 3 to 5 times.Douches always ends up on the cold water.Just need to carefully wipe hard towel and rub the skin to a small reddening.
  • strictly prohibited watering head during the procedure a contrast shower, because even the healthiest people can become ill.
  • to hardening of the body need every day use douches.Shower in the morning can be taken 30 minutes before going out.But an evening shower should be taken no earlier than an hour before bedtime, otherwise you will be hard to sleep.
Cold and hot shower
Hardening shower
The girl in the shower with shower gel

If all of the above rules to perform properly, the people will always be fresh and energetic.Such a state is human evidence that the hardening process takes place correctly. If the contrast shower you will feel uncomfortable and cold, the procedure is performed correctly. hardening refers to the treatment, so has some contraindications.They must be read by each person who has decided to take a contrast shower.The best option would be to visit a qualified doctor to perform a complete examination of the whole body.


Hardening is strictly prohibited:

  • if there is a disease of the cardiovascular system;
  • in inflammatory processes;
  • if there is blood diseases;
  • if there is a tumor;
  • with unstable blood pressure.

Newcomers are always afraid to start, but only the first receptions of a contrast shower will cause discomfort, and then the body gets used, and as a result of hardening you will get only a pleasure and good health.Typically, many resolved to begin hardening and take a contrast shower is in the spring-ades period.

Personal hygiene

For everyday use, you can use toning and moisturizing shower gels that are composed of vegetable oils, vitamins and other skin benefit elements and minerals.

The composition of some shower gels include microparticles for deep skin peeling, such funds should be used no more than twice a week.

Relaxing shower - hygiene
Wardrobe - hygiene in the bathroom
Set for soul - and gel cleansers

On sale is a huge range of sponges.The house should have a rigid and a soft washcloth.For every day you should use a soft washcloth, but once a week with the help of hard sponges can be rid of gangrenous skin and carry a deep massage of the skin.

use hard scouring pads made of natural materials, for example, from the agave - this is an excellent prevention of cellulite, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.Everyone should have their personal loofah.In order to prevent microbial growth, it is necessary every few months to change it.