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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to equip a kitchen to lose weight faster

can not cope with the desire to eat or supplement often run into the kitchen in search of what to eat?Learn how to build kitchen slimming - and you will be easier to overcome the intended path to harmony.

Many women are looking for the causes of weight gain and how to deal with excess weight is not where you want them.But they are, in the first place, not in your head, and not to the fitness club and very close - in the kitchen.Yes, it was there hiding all the reasons because of which today you probably need to lose weight.Do you eat there once a piece of cake or a hefty sandwich with a cup of tea or coffee with milk?Are you back to check late at night, unable to fight the urge to snack?Did you know that it can also help you on the path to harmony?

How?It's very simple - you just have to equip the kitchen in such a way that it contributes to weight loss easy and comfortable.Remove that prevents lose weight, instead of adding healthy foods and interior elements, which will work in your favor.Just a few steps will bring you to the to create the perfect kitchen for weight loss, and you will easily cope with this task.

Kitchen slimming

Kitchen slimming

How to equip a kitchen to lose weight

How to equip a kitchen to lose weight

Step 1: Place your order at the kitchen

Start slimming food arrangement with general cleaning, which will include not only the laundering of all surfaces, but also "debriefing "on the shelves, in the cupboards, the refrigerator and pantry.

  • Wash windows, window sills, flooring and countertops to shine.Make sure that the kitchen was always clean, wipe the countertops, stove, sink, leaving them contaminated.
Cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen

  • Cookware should always be washed, do not leave it in the sink, especially at night.If you go in the morning to clean the kitchen, you get the inspiration for a healthy and low-calorie breakfast, otherwise it will want to bite anything, including a sandwich.
Clean kitchen slimming pledge

clean kitchen slimming pledge

  • Wash curtains, tablecloths and other kitchen textiles.Napkins, towels, pot holders must take the form of fresh and clean, if they are faded, worn and there were holes, should be replaced with new ones.With such little things food becomes more comfortable, and the atmosphere it promotes positive attitude to weight loss.
How to equip a kitchen slimming

How to equip a kitchen slimming

  • Place your order at the dinner table to a table cloth and a bowl of fruit was on it.All cookies and candy should not stand in the mind at all should not ideally be as this products is very rare use, and if they are in stock, the hand goes in the bowl itself, and the second is to put the kettle on the stove toarrange a tea party.By the way, this fact proved even scientists - three times faster than the ones eaten foods that are on the mind, so the fruit on the table will be your salvation.
Dining Table Photo

Dining table photo

The kitchen will help to lose weight

The kitchen will help to lose weight

Kitchen slimming photo

Kitchen slimming photo

  • Clean utensils if it is already required.Look for dishes in the cupboard with cracks and nadkoly.All this - in the trash.
Bright and clean kitchen will help to lose weight

Bright and clean kitchen will help to lose weight

Cleaning the kitchen photo

cleaning the kitchen Photo

Content of kitchen utensils in order

Content of kitchen utensils in order

  • Get steamer - it will help you prepare a more useful and healthy food, and lose weight willmuch easier.You do not have to buy an expensive model, you may well be enough to cover the pan-steamer.
  • Plant greens and mint on a windowsill.Different herbs will fill the air with scents that have a charitable impact on your desire to eat properly.
Kitchen slimming photo

Kitchen slimming photo

Herbs in pots in the kitchen

greens in pots in the kitchen

  • ventilate the kitchen often use the hood to eliminate odors from cooking.Fresh air also helps to eat a proper and healthy products.You can also put in a vase of fresh flowers and do not forget to update them.And, of course, the indoor pot - use special stand for flowers on a window sill or hanging planters.If you have a large kitchen, then you can put flowers in large pots on the floor.
Flowers in the kitchen

Flowers in the kitchen

Flowers in the kitchen for freshness

Flowers in the kitchen for fresh

  • The kitchen should be easy access to purified water.You can buy it on their own, order delivery, or to put the filter on the water, but this condition is necessary - water reduces appetite and improves digestion.
Lack of drinking will become leaner

Sufficient drinking will become leaner

The water in the kitchen for a comfortable slimming

water in the kitchen for a comfortable slimming

Step 2. Do revision on

shelves If you will order on shelves and cabinets, then the power will be more orderlyand controllable.To begin with uber shelves - wakes cereals, empty bags and boxes that clutter the space, there is no need.

Jars and containers on the shelves of cereals

jars and containers for cereals on

shelves should also replace all the sweets and high-calorie biscuits on dried fruits, marmalade or marshmallows.Do not buy these products for the future, let them be little, otherwise it quickly destroy.If the hand does not rise to throw "hazard", at least, clear them away and closed higher for the door, in this case, to get them, will require effort, and you will notice that you eat less sweets.

cereal stocks should be barley, whole oats, buckwheat, wheat and other cereal grains.Try for a minimum use of flakes, grains giving preference with minimal processing.

Also, do not forget the legumes, it's a source of protein, which plays an important role in weight loss.Always have a supply of lentils, beans, peas, soy beans or a mixture.Beans can be boiled in advance, cooled, packaged into portions and freeze.This not only saves time in the main preparation for the future, but also a guarantee that you will prepare dishes with beans more often because the long cooking it every time do not want to.

Revision of shelves in the kitchen

Revision shelves in the kitchen

In breadbaskets you must be whole wheat bread, rye or bran.Better not to buy fresh pastries, it fills the kitchen aromas and eaten immediately.

Leave shelf green and herbal teas, remove the black tea and instant coffee.If you are coffee lover and can not do without a cup of coffee, it is still better to give preference to natural ground.Sugar Bowl hide in the closet, do not put it on the table - so the more the likelihood that you will drink tea and coffee without sugar at all or putting it become smaller.Be careful with honey, though he is useful, but it has a high glycemic index - you feel hungry faster.

Pay attention spices - some of them, for example, mustard, cardamom, ginger, basil, cloves help speed up the metabolism.Therefore, do not neglect them and always keep on the shelves, and even better - in special jars on a stand, so that they are visible and close at hand while cooking.

How to equip a kitchen to lose weight

How to equip a kitchen to lose weight

Spices for weight loss on the kitchen roof rail

Spices for weight loss on the kitchen roof rail

Spices in the kitchen for weight loss

Spices in the kitchen slimming

Step 3. Check your pantry

Then go into the pantry.There usually are stored long-term storage foods and vegetables that do not need to put in the fridge.

Check deteriorated there any products that are not great if you have reserves - according to Feng Shui experts say that should not be in the house too many products, more than necessary for your family's needs.Therefore, for the year ahead are not stocked, we will do without fanaticism.

The pantry should be canned peas and beans, canned in own juice with no added oil.For example, tuna is very good in all kinds of salads, moreover, it is rich in protein and almost no fat (about 0.5 grams of fat per 100 grams of tuna -.. It's almost nothing).The presence of these will provide you with useful canned snack when hunger overcomes, but be sure to pay attention to their quality and buy a proven brand.But the jam and pickles minimize - this is not something that you need to lose weight.

Filling storage products

Filling the pantry products for weight loss

What should be in the closet

What should be in the closet

Pantry with food and utensils

Pantry with food and utensils

Step 4: Fill the fridge the right products

Lose weight will be much easier if your refrigerator isfilled correctly:

  • The first thing to get rid of stale or no expired products.
  • Next you need to remove something that has no nutritional value and generally harmful - fatty sauces, mayonnaise, sausages, smoked meats.No one says that all you need to remove it in time from the diet, especially if you eat this way long enough, but gradually things are not required to be replaced by useful.
  • The refrigerator should be a variety of vegetables, so you can prepare delicious salads, side dishes, or add fresh chopped vegetables, herbs, salad leaves to the main dishes.We also need fruits and berries.But then again, so stock up their number, which will satisfy the needs of the family, do not buy too much, so as not to eat too much or do not throw spoil.
  • Milk and dairy products low-fat will provide you with healthy snacks and regular salad dressing.The refrigerator should be cottage cheese, yogurt, natural plain yogurt, low-fat cheese, milk.You can make curd cheese cakes and casseroles in the oven - this is an excellent alternative to cakes and other baked goods.
  • The freezer should be poultry, fish and seafood, as well as you can buy frozen vegetables to save on cooking time.
Proper filling of the refrigerator

Correct filling the refrigerator

Healthy food in the refrigerator

healthy food in the refrigerator

Proper food in the refrigerator for weight loss

right foods in the refrigerator for weight loss

Step 5. Choose dishes that will help subdue appetite

Regarding the choice of dishes for the kitchen,in particular, plates - because of them we eat more whole, it is important to remember that the white color makes the dish on the plate more attractive, therefore, stimulates the appetite.A red glassware prompts to eat more and faster.Also increase appetite bright colors - yellow, green, orange.What to choose in such a case, you ask?Most likely, that the dish will not look too appetizing on the plate dark blue, purple, black, but such plates look very favorably in the interior of the kitchen - that the desired ideal, so to speak.

Dishes for slimming

slimming Crockery

And psychologists believe that it is quite unappetizing meal will look at the dishes marsh color - but there is up to you, because of these plates will have other family members, particularly children Nehochuha ormaloezhki that and so difficult to feed.Also, if important aesthetic component for you, that is, you want the table setting was carried out in a certain color, then keep in mind the interests of all.For example, dishes could be white, but the stand - lilac, as shown in the photo below.Or take the dish with a dark platter.

Dishes for slimming photo

Diet Dishes photo

Step 6: Choose the right color cuisine diet

we are now getting to the very interesting question - what color should be a kitchen to the hostess and family members to stay slim and what colors contribute to weight loss?This question is especially important for those who are doing repairs or going to buy new furniture.

The main criterion - the color effect on appetite.Scientists believe that the kitchen in gray and pink colors, and also in the blue, blue and purple colors will dampen the appetite.Favorable color for the kitchen can be considered green if it is similar to the shades of grass and greenery.It is believed that these shades are associated with a healthy diet.Also successful is a combination of green and very dark blue, but yellow-green design is not suitable for the kitchen, if you want to lose weight.

kitchen equipment for easy weight loss photos

Fitted kitchen for easy weight loss photos

Interior cuisine slimming photo

Kitchen interior slimming photo

Kitchen in pink and gray colors for weight loss

Kitchen in pink and gray tones slimming

Light green food diet

Light green food slimming

increase appetite cancolors like yellow, orange, chocolate, turquoise.Red is the color not only increases the appetite, but also the pressure, so it is not desirable to design the kitchen, if you do not want to often be irritated.

On the other hand, all the research scientists and the opinions of psychologists may go in discord with your personal feelings.And if you will be comfortable in the kitchen, turquoise or yellow, if it will inspire you to active actions on the way to harmony, to the use of healthy food, weight loss is only accelerate.Therefore, listen to yourself before you do something about it, because the repair of the kitchen is not so often ...

Kitchen interior promotes weight loss

Kitchen interior promotes weight loss

Follow the tips outlined in this article, and you will not only cease to gain extra pounds, butand lose weight as well as improve the quality of food the whole family.Now that you know how to equip the kitchen to lose weight - and it is possible!

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